REVIEW: Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Season 2 ep 1 “The Private War of Doctor Doom” ***SPOILERS***

I just finished watching the first episode of season 2 and I am VERY excited to see how this season will play out. I am going to break the review of the episode down in a brief synopsis of the episode, my pros, my cons and then a parting thought. The synopsis will be a really brief rundown of the episode but enough to relay what happened. Ready? AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!


It has been atleast a few weeks since the defeat of Loki and there has been some changes to the Avengers. Hank Pym is on a leave of absence and Thor remained in Asgard. We also see Iron Man is using an older suit of armor and Captain America has a new costume but still has no replacement shield to replace the one Loki shattered. Doctor Doom is shown studying the team through a virtual terminal.

Iron Man and Wasp travel to the Baxter Building to meet up with Sue Storm and Reed Richards, where as Johnny Storm and The Thing go to Avengers Mansion to play a game of poker with Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Panther. Both locations come under attack by Doom Bots and Wasp and Sue are captured.

The Big Game

The Avengers and Fantastic Four go to Latveria to rescue their respective team mates but are beaten down single handily by Doctor Doom, who ends the battle once the women are freed. He instructs both team to leave his country. Both teams wonder what Doom was up to and Reed states that he must have what he wants. Doom tells both teams they have no idea what is going on and we are left with the results of a facial scan of Wasp and Sue in which Sue is revealed as a Skrull.


  • The characterization of everyone in the episode was dead on the money! Any long time fans of either super hero teams would easily identify with the respective characters immediately.
  •  I loved the constant bickering fisticuffs between the Hulk and the Thing. Even though it was somewhat a running joke throughout the episode, I really enjoyed any time that both characters were on the screen together.
  • “It’s clobberin’ time!!!!!” – ‘Nuff Said True Believer
  • Was Doctor Doom a bad ass or what??!!! They nailed how powerful, intelligent and dangerous the character is. His look was “classic” Doom and I truly smiled wide when he casually pulled his hood back into place after it was knocked off his head.
  • The humor in this episode, and series overall, is always timed perfectly. Wasp being put in her place by Doom was a funny and great moment.

Wasp and Sue Storm


  • Well anyone who knows me, will know what this first con will be…No Thor!!! BOO!!!
  • Captain America seemed to fit into the episode very awkwardly. I know they teased him being replaced with a Skrull at the end of last season and it was deliberate but without his shield he just seemed “there”.
  • Is it a Con if you can not find a Con, or is that a Pro???
This season has the potential to be amazing due to the Skrull Invasion happening in the background. It allows for a lot of plot devices they can try and that can then be retconned by using “They were a Skrull” but I do not think Christopher Yost used that crutch when writing the season. I think there will be some moments that have us guessing but they have a great storyline here that will be fun to see played out.

I am really hoping that they avoid adding the amount of members that we saw added in the Justice League cartoon. While I do understand needing to freshen up the team, adding that many members dilutes the stories and the writer’s chance to pen a tight story arc. If they plan on having Avengers leave the team, as Hank did with his LOA, then it only makes sense to add a body but do not add to the team just to add as many characters as possible.

The strength of the show to me is the way they have the humor play out in the episodes. Wasp is usually one of the central points where humor is concerned but Hawkeye has his moments as well. There is a conscious effort to have each character display humor in some form but Black Panther’s is different than Hawkeyes, and that is where the biggest difference is for me with the Avengers and the Justice League.

EPISODE SCORE – 8.5 Doombots out of 10 Doombots!!!

Doctor Doom Is A Bad Ass!!!

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2 Responses to REVIEW: Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Season 2 ep 1 “The Private War of Doctor Doom” ***SPOILERS***

  1. Robert Troch says:

    Watched the first 4 episodes and so far I am very disappointed with the way they have handled the Hulk. He is fast becoming a joke and is taken out far too easily. Unfortunate…..they did the same thing with Superman in the JLA cartoon and it was always hard to take. Dr. Doom can take a punch from the Hulk now? What a bunch of BS that is. Ronan the Accuser has his way with the Hulk and then a guy that the Hulk couldn’t take out is taken out by Ms Marvel? Yeah…right. If they don’t know what to do with him then they have to figure out ways to get him out of certain episodes. Otherwise…c’mon fellas. Really???

    • Marvel would usually use Thor to prove how strong the enemy is….I am a huge Thor fan but I recognize they do this a lot…LOL…the they usually have the Hulk step in…

      With Thor in Asgard they have resorted to using the Hulk…I wish they could find a better way to prove their enemies than just taking down what they consider a “big dog”

      But I do agree….right now Hulk is comic relief more than anything…

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