Transformers – Dark Of The Moon Review

I can not believe what I am about to write after Michael Bay’s third Transformers movie, Transformers Dark Of The Moon, but I am going to write it out and let it sink in. I loved this movie and I do think that it was the best installment in the trilogy. First and foremost, I like the color palette used for the robots in the movie. It was a little easier to tell apart the difference between the robots, even during the tightly packed action scenes. Speaking of the action scenes, people can say what they want about Michael Bay but the guy knows how to shoot a blockbuster action flick.

I was very excited to see some larger roles or debuts of some of my favorite Transformers as a child. Shockwave, Soundwave, Laserbeak and Sideswipe all had memorable lines or roles in the film. The character of Shockwave looked very cool and also came off as one of the most powerful Decepticons in the entire three films. The star of the robots is still Optimus Prime though and I am ok with that. Optimus comes off very well as the epic action hero.

The best part of the movie to me though is the developing relationship of Sam and Carly (and I do love they named his new love interest after the original cartoon character Carly!!!) There was 100% more on screen chemistry with Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley replacing Megan Fox and I am very much ok with the change. She just seems more natural in her role and I became instantly and completely emotionally invested in her relationship with Sam and was rooting for them the entire film.

Shia LaBeouf once again does a good job as Sam and has his big growing up/ hero moment of the film, when he engages that main human lead villain in a fight to stop the Decepticons from pulling Cybertron into our gravity. The rest of the supporting cast were actually very good and the entire cast had fantastic comedic timing throughout the film.

I would rate the Transformers live action film trilogy in the following manner: Transformers 7/10, Revenge Of The Fallen 5/10 and Dark Of The Moon 8/10. Although it does leave us with the Autobots and apparently some Decepticon free on Earth, there is still room for a sequel.


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