Whoever Wears This Costume…If They Be Worthy….

This Random Rant will look at the many different costumes (and sometimes characters) that have been called Thor. I have scoured the web for pictures to fit each costume and version of the character but I will admit I do not know how many Marvel has in all their many universes. This will focus on the Thor of our Earth (Earth- 616,) The Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610,) and the  26th-century era.

This is the original costume that Thor wore when he debuted in Journey Into Mysteries #83. Thor had kept this costume for many years and is the one that is the most recognizable. Even though the Thor in Norse myth has red hair and a red beard, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided that their Thor would be clean shaven and blonde.

This is the very first suit of Battle Armor that Thor wore. It is influenced by his classic costume with some notable differences. The first being the gold helmet and the mask and the other is the amount of golden armor covering his body. Thor was forced to wear this armor when Hela took his invulnerability but left his immortality. His bones became so brittle, that he needed the armor to survive.

During his battles with the High Evolutionary, Thor led a group called The God Pack and this was the costume that he wore during that time. I am not a fan of the costume and to be honest it is my least favorite of anything he has ever wore. I do not like the chest peice or the helmet at all.

When Thor had lost his powers in the one of the last arcs in volume 1 of his monthly comic, he was given a rather simple look. No shirt and much longer hair to go with his tradional blue tights and yellow boots. During this time Thor did not have Mjolnir and would use any weapons available to battle his enemies.

Well maybe God Pack Thor wasn’t the worst costume because I forgot about “Warrior” Thor. During the time that Onslaught terrorized the world, Thor felt the need to wear a belly shirt, grow his hair even longer and chain Mjolnir to his belt. The only redeeming thing about this costume is that it is what he wore during the DC and Marvel crossover. It was during that crossover that Mjolnir was picked up by Wonder Woman.

When Thor was killed battling Onslaught, it was learned that Franklin Richards had tucked the heroes into a pocket universe of his own creation. Thor had a very different look in this realm as did Mjolnir, which had a much longer handle and was more of a one handed weapon. Thor soon went back to his classic look soon after Franklin brought the heroes back to our world.

When Odin died battling Surtur, Thor was proclaimed King of Asgard as was his birthright. His costume became much more Viking-esque but he wore his Father’s royal helmet/crown. I did not care for the helmet but the costume is one of my favorites as it has Thor touching on the actual Norse myth, If you look closely, you can see the Mjolnir shape from the actual pendants on his belt.

Now this is more like it! When Thor was christened “Lord Of Asgard,” he got rid of Odin’s helmet and wore a meaner looking version of his winged helmet. Thor also grew a beard and had aged more physically due to the Odinforce. This is my second favorite costume that Thor has ever wore.

Wow, I forgot about this set of armor. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of this look at all. Thor needed a suit of armor when he was Lord Of Asgard and for some reason it looks like someone went crazy with a bedazzler set and put rhinestones on everything. I dunno who thought this was a good idea.

Now this is more like it! I have to say that when I first saw this costume I was a little on the fence as I was used to Thor’s classic look but it grew on me and is now my favorite costume. The chain mail, the black tunic and the revised helmet look awesome and really make Thor look like a warrior.

When they announced a Thor movie would be made, I was praying for a costume based on his current look and not his classic look. I was very pleased with the way that the costume turned out for the movie. I did not mind the helmet being treated as more of a crown, as it would have been a distraction.

For The Avengers movie next summer, it appears Thor has a modified version of his previous movie costume. This one has no chain mail arm coverings and has a dark red cape and accents. Also you can see Thor has much longer hair.


When Marvel created an Ultimate Universe to bring their characters into a modern setting for their origins, they had Thor in a more mortal look. One of the plot points was that no one knew for sure if Thor was an actual God or just an eccentric that had powerful weapons. When Loki invaded Earth and Thor was given a Mjolnir that was identical to 616 Earth, it was revealed he was a god.

When Thor killed Loki, Odin banished him and gave mortal Eric Masterson Mjolnir and the powers of Thor. When Eric turned into Thor, he realized that he did not look like the real Thunder God, so he had a new costume made and took the helmet with the mask from Thor’s battle armor.

After Eric found Thor and the real Thunder God was given back his hammer, Odin left Eric with an echanted mace named Thunderstrike that had similar powers as Mjolnir. Eric took the name of Thunderstrike as well, and remained a part of The Avengers. When Eric sacrificed himself to save the world, the mace was passed on to his son Kevin.

Beta Ray Bill was a Koronite alien that proved worthy to weild Mjolnir and he bested Thor in combat. When Bill raised the hammer, he transforned into an alien version of Thor and even called himself Beta Ray Thor. Odin realized that Bill was worthy of Mjolnir as he spared Thor’s life, granted Bill an enchanted hammer of his own named Stormbreaker. To this day, Bill and Thor are close friends.

Odin knew that at the Ragnorok Thor would die and he tried to find a replacement for his son. Red Norvell was granted his own hammer and Viking armor. His powers were similar to Thor’s and he even shared some of Thor’s traits. If you notice, Red looks more like Thor from traditional Norse myth.

Yes you are seeing a frog dressed as Thor. Simon Walterson was cursed by a mystic cursed him to be a frog. WHen Thor was transformed into a frog, he met Simon and when Thor was returned to his true self, a splinter of Mjolnir fell to the ground. Simon lifted it and tapped it on the ground, which turned him into Throg and the splinter became Frogjolnir.

Dargo K’tor was a young man from the 26th century he knew of a cult that worshipped Thor and Mjolnir, which was lodged in the ground as no one was worthy to lift it. He did not believe in such non sense, but when he was attacked he reached for the only weapon he could find. As he lifted the hammer and tapped it on the ground, he was turned into a version of Thor and given his powers.

When Matt Fraction wrote a few Thor one shot stories, he introduced us to a Thor who had a costume that was a combination of a few different costumes and he also had a much more aggressive and barbaric manner that he conducted himself. The costume for this Thor was more “real” as it looked like something that vikings could have worn.


As I said previously, I may have missed some costumes and alternate versions of Thor but these are the ones that I am familiar with and knew off the top of my head. WHew, what an oddyssey this blog!


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