Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes……….

The last time that there has been a post on this blog was April 2014. There was a time when I would post 15 blogs in a month and I loved it. I have enjoyed much success with what I have wrote. It allowed me to network with bands, writers, actors, comic book creators…which still blows my mind. Then I lost the inspiration to write.

This was due to many factors. Some were from the pressure I was feeling to churn out content for the blog, as I treated this like a job. I prepped for it, researched for it and spent hours working on each piece. I also had some personal issues that impacted how much time I could put into my work. I felt if I couldn’t give it the time it deserved I shouldn’t do it.

Then it happened…..tonight I felt the desire to write again. Before I worried about how many hits I could get and if I could monetize the blog to earn income. I think I still have a lot to say and realize it isn’t about making money of the blog. It is about creating content and having people enjoy it.

So I want to announce that I am going to start writing again. There will be no strict timeline as I kept myself on before, but something more casual… when I first started. Keep an eye peeled for more from The Random Rants Blog!!!


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New blog at!!!

Go follow my blog at it’s new home and read my latest post!!


New blog……My review of  : The Winter Solider….it is a -ous film!!!


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New Blog at New Blog!!!

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Check out the new post at the new home of The Random Rants Blog!!!!!!!


New blog!!!!!  Wrestlemania thoughts!!!


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The “NEW” Blog


I have been teasing over the last few days that I have had some changes and surprises coming to my blog and I am finally now at a position to share them. To start off I want to thank Jill Bona for assisting me in this endeavour as she really championed the cause and did the hands on work.

Random Rants The Blog has it’s own domain now and can be found at and will be updated only from the new site that is being hosted by IX Web Hosting. All my previous posts, photos and comments have been moved with the blog and you would barely notice any changes at all.

There is also some new widgets on the right hand side of thee page as you will notice I am an Amazon affiliate member and am hoping that blog visitors will use that portal to make purchases. It will allow me to generate commissions and pay for the hosting. You may see more options in the future to also assist in managing the cost of the blog.

Book mark the new blog address at and thank you for the support!!!!

Jason Huskins

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Calling All Music Fans!!!

Please take a moment out of your day and help me in gaining some votes for a very talented and hardworking band, Chamber Of Echoes!! The group is a very unique and dedicated group that really has a passion for making music and I want to do everything I can to see them succeed in everything they set out to do.

So take a moment out of your day and please vote for them!



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CD REVIEW: Free Spirit – “All The Shades Of Darkened Light”

Free Spirit logo

Free Spirit - All the Shades of Darkened Light cover art

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work and I saw a message from Sami Alho, the lead singer of Free Spirit. He and the guys were gracious and kind enough to send me a digital advanced copy of the new CD “All The Shades Of Darkened Light” to review. I have been a huge fan, supporter and champion of the Finnish band since I first heard their debut CD “Pale Sister Of Light.” I was fortunate to review that CD and also had the tremendous opportunity to interview the band.

I can not tell you how excited I am to listen to this album weeks before it will be shipped to me as I have already pre-ordered the CD. I will discuss each track on the album, give an overall impression of the disc and also work out a numerical score for the CD. The band has also shared some information about themselves and the album which I will include as well.


#1 – NIGHTS OF PARADISE –  WOW!!! The opening bass line is simply amazing!! Sami Hämäläinen sets the tone for the entire track with a thumping bass guitar that drives the song forward. Sami Alho’s distinct and melodic vocals are really one of the signatures of this band and it is in fine form here. The band’s harmonies are really tight and this song really echoes back to when some of the best arena rock band’s dominated the 1980’s. The guitar solo grabs a hold you and really shines in this song. Amazing!!!!

#2 – LIVING TATTOO – The first single from the new album, Living Tattoo is the band adding a bit of rawness to their sound. It is a bit more raunchy than their usual style but boy does it work. Once again the pulsating bass line is the backbone of the song but it is in time with the drumming of Pasi Koivumäki and the two lock down the track. The guitar work is taken up a notch in this one as both Vesa Yli-Mäenpää and Marko Haapamäki just play like mad men on this track. Free Spirit possesses some of the bet vocals in rock and roll. Sami once again does a fantastic job with the singing chores and the band’s trademark harmony is once again on full display.

#3 – HYSTERIA – The second single released off of the album, Hysteria is one of my most listened to songs on a daily basis. This is an all in, foot stomping rock and roll song that will knock you on your ass! The keyboard playing of Timo Alho is showcased here and the band really rallies around him. This song is in the same vein as their previous hit “Far Away From Heaven,” in that this is the Free Spirit signature vibe and sound. American radio should be latching on to this song as it is just that good!

#4 – EVER COME TRUE – The guitars at the start of this song are a little darker than what we are used to from the band. It creates a new edge to their sound and really pushes them in a new direction. I am really digging this song a lot and love the dueling vocal harmonies that crop up in the middle of the track. The guitar work and the vocals on this song really takes this song to an exciting place. I just adore the guitar solo here.

#5 – THE DEW OF THE ROSE – I have to say that the opening “crunch” of this song really sets it up as a true arena rock song. This is something I have not heard in many years and it has been missing from the music scene. Say what you will about arena anthems but Free Spirit avoids the pitfalls of them by not toning down their song but instead really emphasizing the “rock” in arena rock. The band really shows their mastery of the vocal harmonies as it sounds like the entire song is comprised of them but it is a great thing!! The guys are so great at it!

#6 – TURN ON THE NIGHT – AMAZING!!!!! Oh my goodness I love the start to this song!!! It is so simple but damn it is fantastic as it sets up something I have not heard in ages….a true power ballad!!! I am a sucker for a slow ballad and the guys avoid all the things that caused a backlash against power ballads. They do not dumb the song down but instead present what a great power ballad should be. Even though the song starts off simple enough, it is like a boiling pot as it steadily intensifies until it is at it’s peak and boils over. The guys nail it!

#7 – BURNING LOVE – When I say that Free Spirit is a throwback to the glory days of 80’s rock, I mean that in a respectful and positive way. This track sounds like it would fit in with whatever was playing on the radio in the mid to late 1980’s and it makes me realize how great the music was was back when I was growing up. This is exactly what gets me excited about the band, it is REAL music and not something fabricated. Another great track.

#8 – CARRY ON – Sami’s vocals really shine here as he sings with more range than I have heard before and my god what a great harmonized chorus!! The chorus is where the song really will grab you as it is something that you will get stuck in your head, it is that catchy and that good! The drums and bass really set the tempo for this one and the harmonized vocals just add a layer of greatness to what is already an awesome tune! This is what music is all about!

#9 – FEVER – Oh hell yeah!!!!! Another foot stomping, pure rock and roll song that will blow your mind. This would be another huge hit on the radio and I wish North American stations played music like this instead of what they do now. The guitar riffs are fantastic and the solo is something you do not hear many bands do now a days. This is a perfect example of what rock and roll truly is!! All you up and coming bands, listen and take notes!

#10 – SILENCE – Another ballad that brings more power than ballad, it is a bass guitar driven track that features a very haunting vocal performance from Sami and we can hear him really belt this one out. The portion where it is just his hushed singing and the keyboard playing really slows the song down for it to just ramp up again. This song is perfection and would be a “lighter in the air” tune if it was played live.

#11 – STORYLINE – The track that closes out the album is a “vintage” Free Spirit song as it has a great bass line, amazing vocals, strong guitars, prominent keyboards and some of the best vocal harmonies in the music industry today. It is the perfect song to end the experience of this album on as it really further establishes what makes this band unique among all their peers and solidifies what makes them a great band. What a ride!!!

SCORE:  9.5/10


Free Spirit hits it out of the park with “All The Shades Of Darkened Light” and it is an amazing follow up to their debut album “Pale Sister Of Light.” I can truly say that the guys present a sound like nothing else going on in music today and can not stress enough how you should experience it yourself. This album has 11 tight tracks that are diverse enough to really let you catch a glimpse of the many faces of Free Spirit. One of my favorite cover to cover CDs and I say that as a serious musical connoisseur. I could never score any album a perfect 10 as that album will never exist but I will tell you right now, “”All The Shades Of Darkened Light” is a perfect 9.5!!



Free Spirit biography

Free Spirit plays timeless rock with a huge sound. The band reaches out to listeners of all ages with its captivating melodies. This music seems to really enchant its audience and has a strong crossover appeal on it. Massive choruses, killer arrangements and energetic stage appearance are the brand of Free Spirit.

Since the band’s debut album ‘Pale Sister of Light’ was released in 2009 Free Spirit has gathered passionate fans throughout the world. Free Spirit has been featured as the artist of the week, month or even year on many medias all over the world. Songs from the album have been on rotation on many radio stations around the globe and reviews of the album were nothing but ecstatic.

The original members of Free Spirit are Sami and Pasi. Bass player “Nasu” has been also been in the band almost from the day one. The current line-up formed during the years 2006 – 2008. Soon after guitarist Vesa joined the band, the group started recording their first album. During the recording sessions Vesa’s childhood friend Markku joined Free Spirit. Timo, who had previously played keyboards on all of Free Spirit’s studio recordings, also became a full member of the lineup.

Before the release of ‘Pale Sister of Light’ Markku and his family moved to Africa for a few years. That of course meant that a new guitar player had to be found. From the same town where Markku and Vesa lived their childhood, the band were lucky enough to find Marko who has been an inseparable part of Free Spirit since then.

Free Spirit is:

Sami Alho – vocals
Vesa Yli-Mäenpää – guitars & backing vocals
Marko Haapamäki – guitars & backing vocals
Timo Alho – keyboards
Sami “Nasu” Hämäläinen – bass
Pasi Koivumäki – drums

The name Free Spirit was originally picked up from the book Antichrist by the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche where he (in chapter 13) describes a person who is not bound to any religion, politics or -isms, as a free spirit. Of course the idiom free spirit means lots of other things, too (like a problem child), but basically to the band

it means a person who is willing to think and act independently.

During spring 2010 ‘Pale Sister of Light’ was featured on various critics and/or readers “Best of 2009” lists in several international medias. During 2011 the album was released for the video games Rock Band 2 and 3.

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to ‘Pale Sister of Light’ will be released February 28th 2014. With this new album ‘All the Shades of Darkened Light’ the band continues from where it left with its critically acclaimed debut album. The 11 new songs with huge choruses are even more melodic and energetic than before. They tell the story of a summer where days are bright and nights are hot. High octane parties seem to go on forever, but for some they carry a price that is too high.

With the new album the band has started from scratch, which has given more room for imagination and for trying different things. During the ‘Pale Sister of Light’ sessions the band learnt how to create that Free Spirit sound, and with this new album that sound has been taken several steps further. Free Spirit enjoys the freedom in their music making, and wishes to convey that to the listener with the utmost clarity.

Free Spirit produces their own music from start to finish. The new album, like its predecessor, was recorded in the band’s own studio facility, which has allowed for uncompromising meticulousness in its production. Creating the right soundscapes
has included feats such as building custom guitars and acquiring a very certain kind of vintage synthesizer, which was ultimately found from the confines of a studio in Cologne.

The songs are mostly written by Sami and Vesa, but all the band members play a crucial role in the sound that is Free Spirit. The one element that gets special attention during the writing and production of the songs is vocal melodies. The band’s unique approach to multi-layered backing vocals completes the melodies and makes the Free Spirit sound.

‘All the Shades of Darkened Light’ recording sessions started Midsummer Eve 2010 and were finished in summer 2012 when the long editing, mixing and post production phase started. Some of the last overdubs were recorded in January 2013 and the final mix of the album was ready February 17th 2013. During the last overdub sessions with ‘All the Shades of Darkened Light’, former guitar player Markku visited the studio and played few additional tracks.

The first single from the new album, ‘Living Tattoo’, was released mid October 2013. The second single release from the album was ‘Hysteria’. This song was also featured on the soundtrack of a Finnish werewolf-themed motion picture which premiered in theaters on January 24th. Free Spirit’s vocalist Sami Alho plays one of the main roles in the movie.
The music video, based on the movie, is available at Free Spirit’s YouTube Channel

Booking & management:
Sami Peura, Sam Agency Oy | | +358 40 5900 290 | | |



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The Man Called Sting


I am not the wrestling fan that I used to be many years ago but there is one thing that would cause me to dust off my wrestling fan hat and put it back on. If Sting finally signed a WWE contract. I would be immensely excited to see the one man who never worked for Vince McMahon finally step foot in a WWE ring. I know that the dream match that fans have been clamoring for the last 5 to 6 years is for Sting to challenge the undefeated Wrestlemania streak of The Undertaker.

I have always respected Sting throughout his career but I truly became a huge fan when the nWo invasion started and The Stinger went silent. The way that the character and story line evolved had me hooked. When “Surfer” Sting became “The Crow” Sting and his allegiance was questioned, I found it the most compelling story on television. The build up to Sting’s showdown with Holly Hulk Hogan at Starcade 97 was so well done.

I think that a Sting vs Undertaker match could be interesting if done right but I also do not want to see Sting come in and lose to Taker at his very first Wrestlemania appearance. I would rather see Taker defeat his opponent and then have the Wyatts attack Taker with Bray stating that he is the ultimate force of evil in the WWE. Have the lights go out and Sting appear in the ring. He and Taker fights off the Wyatts together.

The WWE library will produce one hell of a Sting blu ray set and that is something I will gladly purchase! Sting is perhaps my favorite all time wrestler/character and is a true legend in the business. He deserves his WWE and Wrestlemania moment.



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Five Reasons To Listen To Free Spirit


There is such an exciting music scene in Finland and some of the world’s greatest bands call the country home. One of the most underrated and perhaps unknown band to the rest of the world is a group named Free Spirit. With a sound that drips of pure rock and roll, Free Spirit has gained a life long fan in me. Now I am going to share with you 5 reasons that you need to not only give their music a chance but also embrace what is going on musically in other parts of the world.

#1. The Love Of Amazing Rock N Roll!!!

If you crave a very classic rock n roll sound then look no further. Free Spirit has a very distinct sound and it resonates of foot stomping, fist pumping rock n roll!! I can not really describe the sound other than they fit in with the best rock bands in the world. Very lyrically driven songs, amazing guitar solos, a thumping bass line and a crisp drum beat will overload you as you hear some of the purest rock riffs in music today.

#2. Out Of This World Vocal Harmonies

When the guys all sing together on the chorus of their songs, it is something you do not hear much in music today. Not only is Sami Alho’s vocals some of the best in music, the sound of the band really becomes tight when the entire group sings in unison. The vocal harmonies truly elevate what the band is creating and sets them apart from their musical peers.

#3. You Can Sense The Passion Of The Band

As each song plays off of their cd “Pale Sister Of Light,” you can not only hear how much fun the guys are having as they do their thing but you can also hear the passion in their music for what they do. Free Spirit loves what they do and they definitely put everything they have into the music. I respect the hell out of them for that and also support them in every endeavor they set out to achieve.

#4. A Sense Of Mystery

Even though the band doesn’t hide their identities with make-up, masks, costumes or by other theatrical and dramatic means there is still a sense of mystery about who they are both as a collective group and also individually as members of the band. They are still unknown to most of Canada and the United States, although I am doing everything that I can to change that, and this really adds some mystique to who they are.

#5. They Are Just Fantastic People

There is a history between Free Spirit and I. Over a year ago I was in contact with Sami when I first wrote about the band. He contacted me through my blog and assisted in my ability to purchase “Pale Sister Of Light” from Finland as I could not find it here in Canada or the USA. This lead to me reviewing the cd and then securing the highlight of this blog, an interview with the band. I have recently been conversing with Vesa over Facebook and the guys have always been very approachable and open to me.

free spirit

I am pleased to announce that I will be reviewing the new Free Spirit cd “All the Shades of Darkened Light” which is releasing on February 28th. I am hoping to have the cd review done as soon as I receive the CD after purchase. Vesa also gave the green light for a second interview with the band! This is a very exciting and amazing opportunity for me to once again share the music and the word of this great band.

Go ahead, give them a listen and thank me later.


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Supporting Artistic Vision

This “rant” is one in which I try to assist a fellow creative mind try to accomplish a goal that they are seeking to achieve. To see the artistic talents of someone who has many outlets, I try to pay forward the breaks that I have had while writing this blog. Mr. Brian Metzer of Penguins Live radio and a writer for and Finnish rock Band Free Spirit both permitted me to interview them. (Brian’s here and Free Spirit’s here) As well, Free Spirit allowed my review of their cd to make their official home page. So now it is my turn to assist someone in getting one step closer to a dream.


I will never claim to be an expert on make-up at all. I know nothing about applying it, how to look for the right types or anything of that nature. There is someone who is a natural however and is looking to achieve 3000 likes on her Facebook page. Why you ask? Well, Victoria has shown immense talent and skill in her application of make-up and a keen creative eye in coming up with designs. She has reach out to various make-up companies and they have agreed to assist in sponsoring her as a Make-Up Artist if she can show then that she has developed a following if potential clientele.

Although this may seem like it is not a huge number now a days when some videos on youtube receive over 45 million views, but so far she is sitting at 219 likes. Why do I want to champion this cause? Well, I can see that she has a chance to do some amazing things in this field. She has a real knack for it and if I can help her turn this talent in to a full time job by her getting sponsored then I feel it is the least I can do.

photo 1

She is self taught and just like another self taught artist, Ace Frehley formerly of KISS, I feel she is just a lucky break away from living her dream. The sponsorship would be a huge accomplishment as it would allow her to tools and supplies at a very low cost compared to trying to start a self business by paying retail for those things. The above design is one she came up with after asking me for an idea and all I said was use red and black. It has a very exotic but at the same time mysterious feel.

Want something a little more detailed and daring? Well, she also has a real gift for creating themed designs as well. What if you were a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Cristmas and wanted to see what she could come up with.

photo 2There you go. Pretty darn good eh? So I am asking anyone who reads or follows this blog to pass her Facebook page, titled Amazingly You, on to any family or friends. Ask them to like the page and have them pass it on to  anyone they know that would be interested in seeing the amazing designs that Victoria comes up with. It takes little to no effort to assist her in achieving her dream.

Let’s get in on the ground floor of this one!


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