My Take On The Fiasco

I have been trying to avoid discussing the fiasco that occurred at the end of the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game on Sunday but every time I have sat down to write a blog, this topic is what comes out. So I am going to just to go with it and see where it goes. I will warn people now, I have a strong opinion on this and I probably will make some people angry but this is my blog and my rant. So stop reading now if you do not want to acknowledge that.

The first thing I want to say is that I feel no sympathy for Flyers fans and will not treat them as a victim in this. You see, there was a team that used to live off of a reputation that an older generation established in the 70’s. They were called “The Broadstreet Bullies” and thrived on hurting their opponents. Whether it be body checks, fights or dirty play….they didn’t care. Each team since that time has relied on that reputation to instill fear into their opponents. They were “out-bullied” on Sunday.

The Penguins did what most traditional hockey fans call “setting the tone” for not just the next time they play to end the season but also maybe for the play-offs where these two teams are set to play each other. The Flyers are famous for this and their fans rally around it as a primitive show of strength, but then the Pens did it to them.

While I will admit that I enjoyed seeing the Flyers get a taste of their own medicine. I also think that Pens fans need to turn it down a notch or two. Ask any Pens fan which fans they find the most annoying and they will tell you Flyer fans but the way that some Pens fans are acting right now is eerily similar to Flyers fans.

When it comes to debating hockey with a Flyers fan (and I do know a few) I find the best way to make your point is to wait until the Penguins beat them in the play-offs. You can not reason with them, they will not listen to logic and it is tough to see some of my fellow Pens fans falling into the same ignorance as those we chastise for it. It has made having hockey conversations tough as they are jaded, thinking like a Flyers fan but I do hope that they come around, as they are better than that.

The Flyers and their fans have always had pride in the fact that they would bully their opponents and that the Pens were always a “soft” team compared to them but that has changed. The Penguins have the toughness to go toe to toe with the Flyers and I think it was very apparent that the Flyers could not address it except for a lot of trash talking.

It will be one hell of a play-off series.



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