Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes……….

The last time that there has been a post on this blog was April 2014. There was a time when I would post 15 blogs in a month and I loved it. I have enjoyed much success with what I have wrote. It allowed me to network with bands, writers, actors, comic book creators…which still blows my mind. Then I lost the inspiration to write.

This was due to many factors. Some were from the pressure I was feeling to churn out content for the blog, as I treated this like a job. I prepped for it, researched for it and spent hours working on each piece. I also had some personal issues that impacted how much time I could put into my work. I felt if I couldn’t give it the time it deserved I shouldn’t do it.

Then it happened…..tonight I felt the desire to write again. Before I worried about how many hits I could get and if I could monetize the blog to earn income. I think I still have a lot to say and realize it isn’t about making money of the blog. It is about creating content and having people enjoy it.

So I want to announce that I am going to start writing again. There will be no strict timeline as I kept myself on before, but something more casual… when I first started. Keep an eye peeled for more from The Random Rants Blog!!!



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