When The Clock Strikes Sixx…..

I have been a fan of Motley Crue for a long time and have always loved the music that the band plays with reckless abandon and the fantastic stage show that they always put on for the fans. No matter what has transpired in the band with line-up changes or musical direction, the one constant in the band was and always will be Nikki Sixx.

I do not just admire Nikki as a musician and bass player, but for everything that he has over come and everything that he continues to to succeed at as he branches out in other creative ways. Nikki is a rare commodity in the world of entertainment and as a human being. He is one of the few people who can find new ways to express himself and is truly gifted at it.

Whether it be writing and playing music with Motley Crue or Sixx A.M., penning books that end up as best sellers, hosting his Sixx Sense radio show, starting Royal Underground clothing line or having the eye to take beautiful photographs.

I admire Nikki Sixx for his tireless work ethic, his open and unapologetic honesty and his inner strength to not succumb to adversity. I follow his Facebook page religiously as I feel it is an amazing effort that Nikki will try to reply to as many posts as he can. I felt incredibly proud that he posted a “Thank You Jason” to me on his wall when I posted an interview with him from canoe.ca  from earlier this year.

I doubt Nikki will ever read this but I am writing this as a thank you for him I suppose.  Thank you Nikki for proving the critics wrong in everything you do. Thank you for writing the soundtrack to our lives. Thank you for sharing your personal demons and pain, that in turn allows us to find inspiration and strentgh when adversity impacts us. Thank you for always being open and honest with no regrets.

Most of all Nikki, thank you for appreciating those of us who appreciate you!


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One Response to When The Clock Strikes Sixx…..

  1. Amanda says:

    I have to say I’m a Nikki fan as well. I do admire the quiet intelligence in what he does and the artist gift that is so evident.

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