EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jesse Grillo of Bleeding Ink Productions.

There is one thing that this blog has allowed me to do since it’s inception last July, that is to find lesser known talent that are doing amazing things and present them an avenue to have a voice. Whether it is has been amazing writers like Brian Metzer or a fantastic but unknown band like Finland’s own Free Spirit, I have done what I could to not just support them but also promote them.

Not everyone is aware of some of the amazing talents that are working like mad men to get their work noticed. Their creativity, uniqueness and gifts are not as exposed to the masses as they deserve to be. One of these groups of people are the folks who work at Bleeding Ink Productions, which is a small independent comic book publisher.

I was fortunate enough to secure an interview with founder and writer Jesse Grillo for “The Random Rants” blog.

1. Each of your comics seemed to have a moral to the story. Was it something that you purposely set out to do or was it just how the story arc took shape?

 I think that had more to do with the structure and character arch. A lot of my comics are horror or have strong horror aspects. In that genre the characters have to be punished for their wrong doings. Most of the characters die except the virginal girl. While some of my work may come off as moral stories I feel it’s more the format I follow for a lot of my writing.

2. Being an independent comic book creator, what is the biggest challenge or challenges that you face?

 Good question. The obvious answer would be money. I like to have great talent work on my comics and that ends up costing so much money. If you have a good story you can find some really qualified people to work on your project for a lower rate but the costs still really add up.

3. After reading an issue of Chapel, Patriot, Sensory Distortion, Demi Gods and Warzone there was a definite different theme for each book. Do you purposely try to make sure that each title you write has a different feel than anything created before it?

Not at all. I just write everything. I always try to hit my writing from different angles. I’ve written over 20 comic book scripts in all kinds of different genres. I’m publishing a poetry book this month and I’m currently writing my first book. So yeah…. I like to write.

4. Out of all the comic books and characters that you have created, what is your favourite book and favourite character and why?

 That’s like asking a dad what one of his sons he likes the most. I really do love every comic that we’ve produced. Right now my baby is Patriot and am producing (If I can get the funding) all 4 issues.

5. The 5 books I have read all were written by you. Do you see the opportunity of having books penned by other writers appearing under the Bleeding Ink banner?

Maybe one day. I just have so many scripts I want to produce. If a writer sent me a script I thought was good I would help him get the comic made but right now I think Bleeding Ink is just too small to be doing something like that.

6. Speaking of Bleeding Ink, what was the inspiration for choosing that name for your comic book production company?

I think I heard the term bleeding ink from a comic book artist. I wanted something a little dark and considering bleeding ink was already a comic book term it worked well.

7. What comic book creators do you feel were an inspiration or motivated you to make this dream a reality?

 Alan Moore and Garth Ennis would have to be the big two but I always try to pull from all kinds of creative sources. Comic books, books, daily news, film but mostly it’s just from day dreaming.

8. If you could write one character in the world of comics right now, who would it be and why?

There is a film script I wrote that I would really like to turn into a 4 issue comic. The main character is Johnny and is a troubled teenager. After he gets drunk and wrecks his car he gets sent to a summer camp for delinquent teens. Soon he discovers the camp is actually run by werewolves that are training the children to be hunted at the end of the summer.

It has some great visuals and Johnny is a character that goes though a lot of changes in the story. Hope I get to produce it one day.

9. Do you have anything you want to say to the people who are reading this right now?

Try and seek out creative works. There are some really good independent comics out there. You just have to look a little bit. The same goes for film or any other creative endeavor. Just because the book is a best seller doesn’t mean it’s great, it just means it has a good marking team behind it.

 I really want to thank Jesse for taking the time to answer the questions I sent and I want to say that it was a really cool opportunity for me as well. I have been a comic book junkie for over 25 years and to have the opportunity to pick the brain of someone who works in the field is an awesome treat.

Jesse is correct with his parting comment in that there is so much talent out there in the world that we do not get to see and people should really try to not limit themselves to what they experience. Jesse is one example of someone who has a passion for what they do , are great at it but are having to get their work out to the masses on their own.

Do yourself a huge favor and check out the comics from Bleeding Ink Productions.  You will not be disappointed!!

Contact Bleeding Ink Productions:


Twitter- @BleedingInkProd


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