An Open Letter To Nightwish

Dear Toumas, Marco, Jukka, Emppu and Anette,

My name is Jason Huskins and I am from a small town Liverpool, Nova Scotia that is located in Eastern Canada. I know you are probably wondering why I am writing this letter and I would too honestly. There is a simple explanation however, I guess I want you to know I am a fan. I have always listened to music for as long as I remember and it has been a constant soundtrack to my life. It has celebrated the good times, consoled me in the bad times, comforted in the times of confusion and given me a sense of direction when I felt lost.

I first discovered Nightwish by accident on a Saturday afternoon in December 2004. I was listening to an online radio station when the song “Wish I Had An Angel” was announced as the next song to be played. I was busy doing some writing on the pc and the moment the song started I stopped everything I was doing. I was fixated, I was hooked. I then researched the band and have been a huge fan since. Over the years I have imported all your CDs as we do not have a store in my little town that sells CDs. The nearest store is in Halifax, our biggest city in the province. So I guess I imported your CDs twice,once from Europe and then from Halifax.

I then decided on that day in December that I would do what I could to pass on the name and music of Nightwish. I am proud to say that as a member of the unofficial “Nova Scotia Nightwish Street Team” that I have seen many of my friends and family all over the world become fans. I explained to them that you do not just listen to Nightwish, as they are not like any other band. No, you experience Nightwish, as they are on a whole other level.

Mr. Dan Demoise has a Facebook group titled “Music and Art that Matters” and he has allowed me to share your music through youtube videos I have foundof your live performances. The great people in the group have been very supportive and I think I may have made a few new fans for Nightwish in there. I can not thank Dan enough for giving me the chance to share the music I love and to educate people on Nightwish. This blog has also been a great tool to share my love of the band and your music.

I pre-ordered Imaginaerum and I have to say it is one of my favorite CDs. I truly think it is not just your most diverse but also perhaps the best work the band has ever done.  It is like nothing you have ever done before but still is very much Nightwish. I just wish I could see you live.

I know that most times it is always Toronto, Montreal and once in awhile Vancouver that is   receiving the big concerts but Halifax has had their share as well. Over the last few years we were able to see Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, KISS, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne and I would love to see Nightwish join that list. I know I could try to make a trip to Toronto to see the band but I would have to look at a limited scope of finances.

I am a single father of an 8 year old girl and work at a job that does not guarantee any hours. I have to earn my hours for the following week. I am not asking for free concert tickets, I am not asking for charity from anyone but I am asking for something. I am asking for a chance to see you live by playing Halifax.

I want to pay for my ticket, I want to pay for my merchandise that I buy (and I will buy my share) but I would love to see you come visit us in Atlantic Canada. Halifax has a beautiful waterfront, a very deep heritage steeped in Maritime myth and history and a very warm and friendly population that would welcome you with open arms. There is no other place like it in the world, just like there is no other band like Nightwish in the world.

While I hold out hope I will see you either at the Metro Centre or at The Commons in Halifax, I am also realistic that you may not ever see this letter. I still felt the need to write, to let you know how much I appreciate the music that you create, how hard your work and how much I want to thank you for always being there for me.

Much respect and admiration,


P.S. – Here are some pictures of Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Outdoor stage at the Halifax Commons


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