My Captain America Review

I went into Captain America with decent expectations as Marvel has had a very good track record with the movies that have crafted in house and really enjoy how very different Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America are. I saw the movie at the Imax in Bayer’s Lake with my sister Krista, her husband Tom and Cherry, which is the same group that went to see Thor in the same theatre.

I loved Captain America. It was able to balance the humor and action and truly made Cap so sympathetic, but also allowed his pureness of  character shine through. They also truly build the relationship between Cap and Agent Peggy Carter masterfully. They slowly build and deal with their rough spots but they also have one of the most memorable moments in film to me when Cap makes his sacrifice to save his country and ultimately…the world.

Chris Evans did a fantastiuc job in the role of Steve Rogers and will make everyone forget his time as The Human Torch in the dreadful Fantastic Four movies. He made the role his own and hit all the right spots. He handled the action extremely well and did a good job with the comedy when it came up. Marvel his a home run with him.

Hugo Weaving was awesome as The Red Skull. The man will always chew up every scene that he is in and own it. The make up and costume for The Red Skull may be some of my favorite of all time from any movie. Tommy Lee Jones was probably my favorite part of the movie though. His portrayol of Col. Chester Phillips. The man was masterful as the crusty military leader who was very set in his ways but also he provided some of the best humor of the film. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter was very good as well and really had nice chemistry with Evans. You truly got behind their relationship and felt it tug at your heqart strings.

The expected Marvel tie-ins were there with Tony Stark’s father having a pivotal role, as well as the talk of the cosmic cube being mentioned as “the power of the gods” and that is was legend that it was in the weapons vault of Odin. The expected Nick Fury appearance, of course, tied it into the upcoming Avengers film. I really loved the chance to see Bucky weild the shield and the hand gun as he did when he replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America in recent years. Of course, the biggest thrill to me was The Avengers teaser. Words can not do justice to how excited I was.

The CGI was v ery well done and I have minimal issues with it. Some of the jumping scenes looked a little odd but I will admit…everything looks like money compared to the Green Lantern debacle. Marvel gets it right because they realize you need a physical presence wither either their sets, costumes and props.

I have to rate Captain AMerica right up there with Thor but I do prefer Thor just because I love Thor. I do think if I had to score both it would be both with an 8/10.  With Thor maybe rating 8.1/10. I will be buying Captain America first day it is on sale.



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