The Man Called Sting


I am not the wrestling fan that I used to be many years ago but there is one thing that would cause me to dust off my wrestling fan hat and put it back on. If Sting finally signed a WWE contract. I would be immensely excited to see the one man who never worked for Vince McMahon finally step foot in a WWE ring. I know that the dream match that fans have been clamoring for the last 5 to 6 years is for Sting to challenge the undefeated Wrestlemania streak of The Undertaker.

I have always respected Sting throughout his career but I truly became a huge fan when the nWo invasion started and The Stinger went silent. The way that the character and story line evolved had me hooked. When “Surfer” Sting became “The Crow” Sting and his allegiance was questioned, I found it the most compelling story on television. The build up to Sting’s showdown with Holly Hulk Hogan at Starcade 97 was so well done.

I think that a Sting vs Undertaker match could be interesting if done right but I also do not want to see Sting come in and lose to Taker at his very first Wrestlemania appearance. I would rather see Taker defeat his opponent and then have the Wyatts attack Taker with Bray stating that he is the ultimate force of evil in the WWE. Have the lights go out and Sting appear in the ring. He and Taker fights off the Wyatts together.

The WWE library will produce one hell of a Sting blu ray set and that is something I will gladly purchase! Sting is perhaps my favorite all time wrestler/character and is a true legend in the business. He deserves his WWE and Wrestlemania moment.



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Five Reasons To Listen To Free Spirit


There is such an exciting music scene in Finland and some of the world’s greatest bands call the country home. One of the most underrated and perhaps unknown band to the rest of the world is a group named Free Spirit. With a sound that drips of pure rock and roll, Free Spirit has gained a life long fan in me. Now I am going to share with you 5 reasons that you need to not only give their music a chance but also embrace what is going on musically in other parts of the world.

#1. The Love Of Amazing Rock N Roll!!!

If you crave a very classic rock n roll sound then look no further. Free Spirit has a very distinct sound and it resonates of foot stomping, fist pumping rock n roll!! I can not really describe the sound other than they fit in with the best rock bands in the world. Very lyrically driven songs, amazing guitar solos, a thumping bass line and a crisp drum beat will overload you as you hear some of the purest rock riffs in music today.

#2. Out Of This World Vocal Harmonies

When the guys all sing together on the chorus of their songs, it is something you do not hear much in music today. Not only is Sami Alho’s vocals some of the best in music, the sound of the band really becomes tight when the entire group sings in unison. The vocal harmonies truly elevate what the band is creating and sets them apart from their musical peers.

#3. You Can Sense The Passion Of The Band

As each song plays off of their cd “Pale Sister Of Light,” you can not only hear how much fun the guys are having as they do their thing but you can also hear the passion in their music for what they do. Free Spirit loves what they do and they definitely put everything they have into the music. I respect the hell out of them for that and also support them in every endeavor they set out to achieve.

#4. A Sense Of Mystery

Even though the band doesn’t hide their identities with make-up, masks, costumes or by other theatrical and dramatic means there is still a sense of mystery about who they are both as a collective group and also individually as members of the band. They are still unknown to most of Canada and the United States, although I am doing everything that I can to change that, and this really adds some mystique to who they are.

#5. They Are Just Fantastic People

There is a history between Free Spirit and I. Over a year ago I was in contact with Sami when I first wrote about the band. He contacted me through my blog and assisted in my ability to purchase “Pale Sister Of Light” from Finland as I could not find it here in Canada or the USA. This lead to me reviewing the cd and then securing the highlight of this blog, an interview with the band. I have recently been conversing with Vesa over Facebook and the guys have always been very approachable and open to me.

free spirit

I am pleased to announce that I will be reviewing the new Free Spirit cd “All the Shades of Darkened Light” which is releasing on February 28th. I am hoping to have the cd review done as soon as I receive the CD after purchase. Vesa also gave the green light for a second interview with the band! This is a very exciting and amazing opportunity for me to once again share the music and the word of this great band.

Go ahead, give them a listen and thank me later.


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Supporting Artistic Vision

This “rant” is one in which I try to assist a fellow creative mind try to accomplish a goal that they are seeking to achieve. To see the artistic talents of someone who has many outlets, I try to pay forward the breaks that I have had while writing this blog. Mr. Brian Metzer of Penguins Live radio and a writer for and Finnish rock Band Free Spirit both permitted me to interview them. (Brian’s here and Free Spirit’s here) As well, Free Spirit allowed my review of their cd to make their official home page. So now it is my turn to assist someone in getting one step closer to a dream.


I will never claim to be an expert on make-up at all. I know nothing about applying it, how to look for the right types or anything of that nature. There is someone who is a natural however and is looking to achieve 3000 likes on her Facebook page. Why you ask? Well, Victoria has shown immense talent and skill in her application of make-up and a keen creative eye in coming up with designs. She has reach out to various make-up companies and they have agreed to assist in sponsoring her as a Make-Up Artist if she can show then that she has developed a following if potential clientele.

Although this may seem like it is not a huge number now a days when some videos on youtube receive over 45 million views, but so far she is sitting at 219 likes. Why do I want to champion this cause? Well, I can see that she has a chance to do some amazing things in this field. She has a real knack for it and if I can help her turn this talent in to a full time job by her getting sponsored then I feel it is the least I can do.

photo 1

She is self taught and just like another self taught artist, Ace Frehley formerly of KISS, I feel she is just a lucky break away from living her dream. The sponsorship would be a huge accomplishment as it would allow her to tools and supplies at a very low cost compared to trying to start a self business by paying retail for those things. The above design is one she came up with after asking me for an idea and all I said was use red and black. It has a very exotic but at the same time mysterious feel.

Want something a little more detailed and daring? Well, she also has a real gift for creating themed designs as well. What if you were a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Cristmas and wanted to see what she could come up with.

photo 2There you go. Pretty darn good eh? So I am asking anyone who reads or follows this blog to pass her Facebook page, titled Amazingly You, on to any family or friends. Ask them to like the page and have them pass it on to  anyone they know that would be interested in seeing the amazing designs that Victoria comes up with. It takes little to no effort to assist her in achieving her dream.

Let’s get in on the ground floor of this one!


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Look Who’s Back…….



I know it has been about a month since I last wrote my little Merry Christmas note but I finally had a little bit of free time and, more importantly, I had something to say> Well, a few things as a matter of fact. I decided to ease myself back in to the whole blog writing process by doing of my trademark hodge podge multi topic “Random Thoughts” post. The next few weeks will be extremely busy for me, but I really had a hankering to write this cold winter evening.

Let’s get started!


WOW!!!! I received the blu ray/cd edition of the latest Nightwish release “Showtime, Storytime”and it is perhaps the best sounding concert footage I have ever seen. I have KISS concert DVDs and Lordi concert DVDs but I have to say that this recording was head and shoulders above any other. I was waiting with much anticipation to pop this baby in the ole blu ray player and I am 100% serious when I say that this blu ray changed my life.

I have always been a huge Nightwish fan (borderline fanatic) and I knew that Floor Jansen was someone special as she appeared to combine the best qualities and talents of both Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon. Her performance at Wacken, where this was recorded, cemented that to me. Floor and Marco have any amazing vocal synergy that truly resonates when they sing together. The fate of Nightwish is in greats hands with Floor in the band.


I love, love, love my Doctor Who blu ray box set. It has the series in blu ray format from the 2005 restart all in blu ray, an Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver universal remote control, a comic book and three art cards featuring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. I also picked up the blu ray edition of the 50th anniversary event “Day Of The Doctor” and have pre-ordered “Time Of The Doctor.” Hell, I just bought the 2 animated David Tennant episodes on DVD as well.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would watch Doctor Who, let alone like it enough to buy all of these items. I have gone back through the older or classic series and have found it to be a mixed bag. The Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton have been my favorites so far. I also thought that Paul McGann was not that bad as The Doctor in the infamous Doctor Who Movie. I can not wait to see Peter Capaldi’s take on the character!

Sidney Crosby Wallpaper 5

We are in the midst of another grueling NHL season and once again Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is doing what he does best, being the best player in the world. Mario Lemieux will always be my all time favorite player but without a doubt Sidney Crosby is my current favorite player. He is also making his case to be the captain of Team Canada that will take to the ice in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics.

How good of a season is Crosby having? Well, he is leading the NHL with 63 points in 43 games. That is 23 goals and 39 assists in 43 games but let’s extrapolate these numbers to a full 82 game NHL season shall we?  If he remains healthy and he continues to produce at the rate that he has been, we could see him top out at 44 goals, 74 assists and 118 points. If he gets one of his hot streaks I would not be surprised to see him hit 125+ points.




Imagine my surprise when I saw that Marvel announced that after just debuting in to theatre this past November, that Thor: The Dark World would be released in February on blu ray and DVD. I already have my copy of the 3D blu ray, blu ray, DVD and difital copy bundle already pre-ordered months ago on In my lifetime I can not remember a movie going from the theatre to home video in such a very short period of time.

As you can probably guess, I am very excited for the opportunity to add this movie to my Marvel Cinematic Universe blu ray collection and even more excited to add another piece to my Thor collection. I really liked this movie and think it is my favorite of the solo Marvel movies.

Well. that is it for now folks. Hope you have enjoyed!


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Merry Christmas One And All!!!!

christmas2I just wanted to write a small up date of sorts and also wanted to wish anyone who reads this a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Now you are probably wondering why I haven’t posted very much so far this month and the truth is that I have been extremely busy.

The curse of working in retail during the Holidays is that you find your free time is very little as you are putting in long work days that could dominate your time. I have had close to 11 hour days and have been trying to keep from burning out so I can still enjoy Christmas.

So I have kind of taken a much more casual approach to writing this blog for the next week or so, as I do not want it to feel like a chore.

I hope Santa finds you all and brings you everything you desire!


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The Doctor Is In………..


This is a little blog about how I have a little bit ignorant and a little late on catching on to the whole Doctor Who phenomenon. I never truly gave the show a chance and always felt the idea and theme of the show came off cheesy. It was not until Christopher Eccleston joined up to play Malekith in Thor: The Dark World (and if you read this blog…you know how much of a Thor fan I am!) and the one role I knew I could see him in for sure was Doctor Who.

So it was with a little in trepidation that I sat down to watch the first episode of the 2005 Doctor Who re-launch. I have to say that the show pulled me in right away. The quirkiness of the character, the British sense of humor and the memories that the show brought back to me of shows such as Buck Rodgers, which I loved watching as a kid, really assisted in bringing me in to the fold.


Although I did enjoy Eccleston’s performance of the 9th Doctor, and hell he is my introduction into the Who-verse, I just felt there always was a disconnect with his comedic effort. It could be rather inconsistent at times but the dramatic scenes were where he shined. His time as The Doctor was a little too short for my liking, especially for the history of the different Doctors having a bit longer runs.

I do have to say that I am only 5 or 6 episodes into the David Tennant run as the 10th Doctor and his performance has made m a huge fan. The man can do it all and has entertained me throughout the season so far. The chemistry that Eccleston had with Billie Piper as Rose was taken to the next level by Tennant and what he added to the dynamic.

I have to say that the episode that really cemented me as a fan of the show and character was “The Girl in the Fireplace.” It was such an emotional, heartbreaking, slightly frightful and amazing well written and well acted episode. Tennant’s Doctor is such an amazing character. He has humor, intelligence, cockiness, bravery and is such a compelling character. He also has a dark side that when it comes out, really adds a slight scary side to the hero. I really like it as Tennant plays the character in such a complete manner.

I am sure I will enjoy Matt Smith as The Doctor but as a new fan, the bar has been raised so high by David Tennant at a third of the way through his first full season it will be tough to top it.

I am excited for the journey and have my copy of “Day Of The Doctor” on blu ray through


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A Tribute To The Fox

*All photos used in this piece are not mine and were found on the internet. Credit to those who originally created the photos.*

Eric Carr

It is hard to believe that 22 years ago today that the world lost Eric Carr. What started out as a small tumor spread Cancer within him and he succumbed to the terrible disease. We were robbed of one of the most amazing drummers, vocalists and human beings that this world has ever known. Ever since the news broke 22 years ago the world has been a little darker for we have lost this shining light.

What many non-KISS fans know is that Eric was not just a great drummer who inspired the likes of Tommy Lee, not by a long shot. Eric could also play guitar, bass guitar, piano, had a fantastic rock and roll voice and could write songs. You can hear his talent and skill first hand on the Rockheads EP, the Rockology cd and the Unfinished Business cd. The only part Eric did not play himself was the lead guitar that was dubbed in by Bruce Kulick after Eric’s death as a tribute to his dear friend.

Eric Carr

Eric Carr

I truly believe that Eric Carr was a huge part of saving KISS during the early 1980’s when the band was struggling here in North America with record sales and ticket sales to their live shows. His heavy drumming style forced the band to become a heavier band and to get back to their roots. The drums on Creatures Of The Night was Eric’s coming out party and Tommy Lee said that it was that album and Eric’s heavy drum playing that inspired him when he started getting serious about playing the drums. KISS fans wanted to get away from the debacle that was Music From The Elder and see the band return to the gritty rock and roll that they became famous for in the mid 70’s.

When people ask me who my favorite member of KISS is I always give the exact same answer every time. “Right now it is Gene Simmons, but all time? Easy. Eric Carr.” It is not just because he was so talented but he also was such a nice and appreciative person. No matter who talks about Eric Carr, it is always mentioned how much he loved and appreciated the fans. How he would always make time to sign autographs when the rest of the band would try to get the hotel after a show. He felt strongly about the people who he loved and even those that he hadn’t even met yet. When he re-recorded Beth for the greatest hits cd Smashes, Thrashes and Hits in 1988, he called Peter and asked if it was ok. He felt so strongly about doing it right that he sat on the exact same stool Peter did when he recorded the song for Destroyer back in 1975.

Eric Carr had a huge heart that he would wear on his sleeve. He loved his family, his band mates and his fans, and showed this by busting his ass for them. His sense of humor was one of a kind and he was always smiling. The world lost one of the most underrated musicians it had in it’s midst and yet, he never truly was able to show just how talented he was as he will always be just listed as the man who replaced Peter Criss. He was  so much more and is one of the rare instances that a replacement member my have earned more respect and affection than the founding member he replaced.

We miss you every day Eric and wish you were still here.

The Fox aka Eric Carr

The Fox aka Eric Carr



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