The Man Called Sting


I am not the wrestling fan that I used to be many years ago but there is one thing that would cause me to dust off my wrestling fan hat and put it back on. If Sting finally signed a WWE contract. I would be immensely excited to see the one man who never worked for Vince McMahon finally step foot in a WWE ring. I know that the dream match that fans have been clamoring for the last 5 to 6 years is for Sting to challenge the undefeated Wrestlemania streak of The Undertaker.

I have always respected Sting throughout his career but I truly became a huge fan when the nWo invasion started and The Stinger went silent. The way that the character and story line evolved had me hooked. When “Surfer” Sting became “The Crow” Sting and his allegiance was questioned, I found it the most compelling story on television. The build up to Sting’s showdown with Holly Hulk Hogan at Starcade 97 was so well done.

I think that a Sting vs Undertaker match could be interesting if done right but I also do not want to see Sting come in and lose to Taker at his very first Wrestlemania appearance. I would rather see Taker defeat his opponent and then have the Wyatts attack Taker with Bray stating that he is the ultimate force of evil in the WWE. Have the lights go out and Sting appear in the ring. He and Taker fights off the Wyatts together.

The WWE library will produce one hell of a Sting blu ray set and that is something I will gladly purchase! Sting is perhaps my favorite all time wrestler/character and is a true legend in the business. He deserves his WWE and Wrestlemania moment.



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