Five Reasons To Listen To Free Spirit


There is such an exciting music scene in Finland and some of the world’s greatest bands call the country home. One of the most underrated and perhaps unknown band to the rest of the world is a group named Free Spirit. With a sound that drips of pure rock and roll, Free Spirit has gained a life long fan in me. Now I am going to share with you 5 reasons that you need to not only give their music a chance but also embrace what is going on musically in other parts of the world.

#1. The Love Of Amazing Rock N Roll!!!

If you crave a very classic rock n roll sound then look no further. Free Spirit has a very distinct sound and it resonates of foot stomping, fist pumping rock n roll!! I can not really describe the sound other than they fit in with the best rock bands in the world. Very lyrically driven songs, amazing guitar solos, a thumping bass line and a crisp drum beat will overload you as you hear some of the purest rock riffs in music today.

#2. Out Of This World Vocal Harmonies

When the guys all sing together on the chorus of their songs, it is something you do not hear much in music today. Not only is Sami Alho’s vocals some of the best in music, the sound of the band really becomes tight when the entire group sings in unison. The vocal harmonies truly elevate what the band is creating and sets them apart from their musical peers.

#3. You Can Sense The Passion Of The Band

As each song plays off of their cd “Pale Sister Of Light,” you can not only hear how much fun the guys are having as they do their thing but you can also hear the passion in their music for what they do. Free Spirit loves what they do and they definitely put everything they have into the music. I respect the hell out of them for that and also support them in every endeavor they set out to achieve.

#4. A Sense Of Mystery

Even though the band doesn’t hide their identities with make-up, masks, costumes or by other theatrical and dramatic means there is still a sense of mystery about who they are both as a collective group and also individually as members of the band. They are still unknown to most of Canada and the United States, although I am doing everything that I can to change that, and this really adds some mystique to who they are.

#5. They Are Just Fantastic People

There is a history between Free Spirit and I. Over a year ago I was in contact with Sami when I first wrote about the band. He contacted me through my blog and assisted in my ability to purchase “Pale Sister Of Light” from Finland as I could not find it here in Canada or the USA. This lead to me reviewing the cd and then securing the highlight of this blog, an interview with the band. I have recently been conversing with Vesa over Facebook and the guys have always been very approachable and open to me.

free spirit

I am pleased to announce that I will be reviewing the new Free Spirit cd “All the Shades of Darkened Light” which is releasing on February 28th. I am hoping to have the cd review done as soon as I receive the CD after purchase. Vesa also gave the green light for a second interview with the band! This is a very exciting and amazing opportunity for me to once again share the music and the word of this great band.

Go ahead, give them a listen and thank me later.


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