Supporting Artistic Vision

This “rant” is one in which I try to assist a fellow creative mind try to accomplish a goal that they are seeking to achieve. To see the artistic talents of someone who has many outlets, I try to pay forward the breaks that I have had while writing this blog. Mr. Brian Metzer of Penguins Live radio and a writer for and Finnish rock Band Free Spirit both permitted me to interview them. (Brian’s here and Free Spirit’s here) As well, Free Spirit allowed my review of their cd to make their official home page. So now it is my turn to assist someone in getting one step closer to a dream.


I will never claim to be an expert on make-up at all. I know nothing about applying it, how to look for the right types or anything of that nature. There is someone who is a natural however and is looking to achieve 3000 likes on her Facebook page. Why you ask? Well, Victoria has shown immense talent and skill in her application of make-up and a keen creative eye in coming up with designs. She has reach out to various make-up companies and they have agreed to assist in sponsoring her as a Make-Up Artist if she can show then that she has developed a following if potential clientele.

Although this may seem like it is not a huge number now a days when some videos on youtube receive over 45 million views, but so far she is sitting at 219 likes. Why do I want to champion this cause? Well, I can see that she has a chance to do some amazing things in this field. She has a real knack for it and if I can help her turn this talent in to a full time job by her getting sponsored then I feel it is the least I can do.

photo 1

She is self taught and just like another self taught artist, Ace Frehley formerly of KISS, I feel she is just a lucky break away from living her dream. The sponsorship would be a huge accomplishment as it would allow her to tools and supplies at a very low cost compared to trying to start a self business by paying retail for those things. The above design is one she came up with after asking me for an idea and all I said was use red and black. It has a very exotic but at the same time mysterious feel.

Want something a little more detailed and daring? Well, she also has a real gift for creating themed designs as well. What if you were a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Cristmas and wanted to see what she could come up with.

photo 2There you go. Pretty darn good eh? So I am asking anyone who reads or follows this blog to pass her Facebook page, titled Amazingly You, on to any family or friends. Ask them to like the page and have them pass it on to  anyone they know that would be interested in seeing the amazing designs that Victoria comes up with. It takes little to no effort to assist her in achieving her dream.

Let’s get in on the ground floor of this one!


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