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This is a little blog about how I have a little bit ignorant and a little late on catching on to the whole Doctor Who phenomenon. I never truly gave the show a chance and always felt the idea and theme of the show came off cheesy. It was not until Christopher Eccleston joined up to play Malekith in Thor: The Dark World (and if you read this blog…you know how much of a Thor fan I am!) and the one role I knew I could see him in for sure was Doctor Who.

So it was with a little in trepidation that I sat down to watch the first episode of the 2005 Doctor Who re-launch. I have to say that the show pulled me in right away. The quirkiness of the character, the British sense of humor and the memories that the show brought back to me of shows such as Buck Rodgers, which I loved watching as a kid, really assisted in bringing me in to the fold.


Although I did enjoy Eccleston’s performance of the 9th Doctor, and hell he is my introduction into the Who-verse, I just felt there always was a disconnect with his comedic effort. It could be rather inconsistent at times but the dramatic scenes were where he shined. His time as The Doctor was a little too short for my liking, especially for the history of the different Doctors having a bit longer runs.

I do have to say that I am only 5 or 6 episodes into the David Tennant run as the 10th Doctor and his performance has made m a huge fan. The man can do it all and has entertained me throughout the season so far. The chemistry that Eccleston had with Billie Piper as Rose was taken to the next level by Tennant and what he added to the dynamic.

I have to say that the episode that really cemented me as a fan of the show and character was “The Girl in the Fireplace.” It was such an emotional, heartbreaking, slightly frightful and amazing well written and well acted episode. Tennant’s Doctor is such an amazing character. He has humor, intelligence, cockiness, bravery and is such a compelling character. He also has a dark side that when it comes out, really adds a slight scary side to the hero. I really like it as Tennant plays the character in such a complete manner.

I am sure I will enjoy Matt Smith as The Doctor but as a new fan, the bar has been raised so high by David Tennant at a third of the way through his first full season it will be tough to top it.

I am excited for the journey and have my copy of “Day Of The Doctor” on blu ray through


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