My 5 Favorite Movie Heroes

This is a topic that I had been debating about for a long time but re-watching a few movies over the last few weeks has jarred this topic loose in my brain once again. I am a sucker for a great hero in a movie. Yes, I do admit that sometimes the villains are the “cooler” characters, sometimes they have less character development which creates more mystery and sometimes they will steal the show.

While that all appeals to me, I have to admit that I am a sucker for an amazing hero and his story to stop whatever evil is plaguing him. The journey of the hero is a sympathetic one, always a treacherous one but in the end, one that needed to happen. The hero always needs to discover something about himself, push himself far past his limits and then recognize that he has a responsibility to step in and stop evil.

Here are my current favorite 5 movie heroes. Some may agree with me and some will wonder where other characters are but this is my list and something I have given weeks of thought to.



Lord Of The Rings trilogy

I truly love the character of Aragorn as he is portrayed by Viggo Mortensen in the Lord Of The Ring movies. There is something special that happens when Aragorn steps up to protect Frodo and fight the evil forces of Sauron. He is a skilled fighter, honorable and tireless as he journeys on his path to become the King of Gondor. We see a man shy away from his birthright, fight to protect Middle-Earth and then ultimately embrace his destiny and turn the tide for evil to be defeated.



Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World

The Mighty Avenger, the God of Thunder, the Son of Odin and the One that wields Mjolnir are all aliases for Thor, but protector of Migard may be the one he takes to heart the most. We were able to watch Thor as an egotistical braggart who is humbled as his immense powers are taken from him. Once he learns humility he is worthy to regain them. His character continues to develop in the Avengers as he has the continuation of his issues with Loki and his new movie, Thor: The Dark World will give us more opportunity to see how Thor has matured.



The Crow

There may not be more of a tragic hero in the cinematic realm than Eric Draven, whose’s story is even more sad due to the loss of Brandon Lee during the making of the movie. There is such a heavy sadness throughout the film and it is what drives the story forward. The supernatural enhanced his ability to fight, heal and hide amongst the darkness. The idea that a love is so deep and true that it will defy death is one of the most powerful themes I have ever come across in film and The Crow is a one of a kind hero.



Van Helsing

I was completely surprised by the movie Van Helsing and the character that the movie is named after. Hugh Jackman gave us both a kick ass and bad ass monster hunter. Part of the enjoyment of the character was that his past was steeped in mystery and no one, himself included, really knew who he was. All the cool weapons that he used and the witty banter that he spoke just added to the character. I really wish that we could have had a sequel, as the continued adventures and exploration of this character would be fantastic.



The Rocky Series

What can I say…..I love the Rocky Balboa character, maybe even to a fault but that is ok. There is something so amazing about the innocence in which he thinks and acts that then changes into ferocity when he is in the boxing ring. I love each of the Rocky Movies, yes even Rocky V, and will watch them in a marathon many times. The ultimate underdog, he had to constantly prove himself and always found the heart to be successful. The character is an inspiration to me.


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One Response to My 5 Favorite Movie Heroes

  1. Emily Hill says:

    Great selection! I love Aragorn and Thor! Van Helsing I know but still haven’t seen that movie!

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