REVIEW: Agents Of Shield ep.1 **SPOILERS**


I just finished watching the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agents Of Shield for the second time and I wanted to take a moment to write one of my trademark reviews. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will know that I will do a list of Pros and Cons, and then end the review with my own thoughts. I do assign a numerical score and try to be as fair as I can in that assessment.


– How fantastic was it to see Agent Phil Coulson back in action? I love the character that Clark Gregg has created and he is one of the most important characters in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he was the the first character to bridge multiple movies. In truth, Coulson is the glue that holds the universe together.

– The chemistry of the cast is something that was a little rough in the beginning but really started to gel as the show went on. Agent Ward did not really appeal to me at all until S.H.I.E.L.D. brought in Skye and her hacking abilities.

– I absolutely loved how the show would transition seamlessly from comedy, action and then to drama. It could have been what killed any momentum the episode built up but it was done to perfection with it’s pacing.

– The cameo of Maria Hill was awesome! The chemistry between Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders was what pulled the viewer through the very uneven chemistry at the start of the episode. She looked fantastic (especially with her hair down….holy hell that was hawt.) I am hoping that she will make more appearances in the future as she can be the character that acts as an inbetween from Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Television Universe. Her moment with Ward discussing if Thor was a god was one of the funniest lines.

Ward: “I don’t think Thor is techically a God.”

Hill: “Well you have never been near his arms.”


– All the Marvel references that they sprinkled throughout the episode had me “geeking” out in a “nerdgasm” for the entire hour. Whether it was the Stark Industries logo on the city transit buses, the “Journey Into Mystery” remark as that is the comic that Thor debuted in, the tease of Spider-Man’s “With great power…” line and all the little nods to The Avengers and the battle of New York. The intro showing Iron Man in flight, Thor’s hammer and Cap’s shield gave me goosebumps.

– The use of Extremsis was really unexpected to me but was the perfect way to go for the very first super power explanation. Especially since the show debuted on the same day that Iron Man 3 was released. It was the perfect tie in to what has been going on in Phase 2 as well as draw on what has already transpired in Phase 1.

– The teaser for next week’s episode had me giggling like a school girl. The mention that 0-8-4 is an object that they have to investigate to determine what it is and if it is a threat made me curious. Coulson’s remark that the last 0-8-4 that they encountered was a hammer had me yell out loud “Hell yeah!”

– They referenced Thor second most in the episode right after Iron Man and this was done purposefully of course. The two major Marvel movies in this shared universe for 2013 was Iron Man 3 and is Thor: The Dark World. Thor is the only hero that they actually mentioned by name throughout the entire episode.

– Joss Whedon’s fingerprints were all over this episode. The vibe he created in The Avengers was carried over on a smaller scale to Agents Of Shielf and it worked. The comedy bits, the action sequences and the interaction and dialog between Coulson’s team was truly Whedon-esque.

– The new extended Thor: The Dark World trailer that was shown during the episode has me somehow even more excited for this movie than I was previously. It really was a smart move by Marvel to debut it during the show as it adds to the entire shared cinematic and television universe.


agents-of-shield-logo– The start of the episode was sluggish and I was expecting that to be honest. Even though we already were somewhat familiar with Agents Coulson and Hill, we really had a lot of unknown going in to this show. I am hoping that the ground work for the foundation of the show has now been laid that we will not see sluggish periods going forward.

– I am not enjoying the secondary characters of Agent Fitz, Agent Simmons and Agent May as much as I would like to. There is still tons of opportunity for this to happen as the characters all have potential to “steal the show” and just need time to endear themselves to me.


I loved Agents of Shield and believe that Marvel has now transitioned this amazing juggernaut that is their shared cinematic universe into a new medium and they have done it extremely well. The show offers something unique to viewers and allows Marvel to reach even more people and pull them in to what they are creating.

I have read comments that people feel the show is a failure due to the fact it is based on characters we will never see on the big screen. This is complete BS as the opposite is true. The television show gives lesser characters who can contribute to the mythos an avenue to do it, as they would never have this much screen time or development in the movies.

Agents of Shield should be looked at as a companion piece to what culminated in The Avengers last year. We will be presented an opportunity to see lesser known characters who will have a chance to be developed, instead of not even touched in the movies. I am not sure if there has been another movie universe and television universe that has run side by side at the same time, but this has me extremely excited.

Once again, Marvel has been at the forefront of innovation.

SCORE:   8.5 /10


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