Loki Solo Movie?!?!?!?!


There has been a rumbling over the internet over the last few days of Marvel potentially looking to spin off Loki into his own solo film. This is not really a shock to me as news broke that there were some re-shoots for Thor: The Dark World in which more scenes with the God of Mischief was added. I am all for a Loki film and believe that he may be the only comic book villain at this time who could not just carry his own movie but have it excel.

The performance that Tom Hiddleston gives when he is wearing the Loki costume is a sight to behold. You can tell that he loves the character and truly loses himself into the moment. Loki is one of a very select few who will have been a villain for three movies. The only other character I can think of to be in that many films is Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor from the late 1970’s and 1980’s. There is a major difference however as no other villain has had the continued character development that Loki has sustained.

Most comic book villains are usually a one trick pony as they have a very linear story path and it is always a straight line to the very end of the film where they will of course do battle with the hero. Loki is different as we were able to watch his fall from grace in the movie Thor. We could see the events that set him off on the path towards darkness and the changes in the character.


His continued character development was noticeable in The Avengers in two very distinct ways. The first is that Loki fully embraced the darkness and allowed his ego to dictate his actions. There was no hesitation on his part to invade Earth and send his army to kill countless innocent people. He also allowed himself to be used by Thanos with the intent of manipulating the situation to his own benefit later. The Avengers presented a Loki who was confident, determined and manipulative while leaving behind any innocence from the previous film.

Thor: The Dark World will again feature a Loki whose motives are unclear and who also has a chance at redemption. This situation does not happen to many comic book villains as they either die in the movie or are never heard from again. It is very exciting to me to have the opportunity to see how a villain will react when he has a chance to step up to do the right thing,


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