When World’s Collide (A Short Story)


Even though it is the grandest kingdom in the Nine Worlds, it does not provide solace to the son of the All Father Odin. He stands on the balcony of his castle and surveys the land before him. His fellow Asgardians went about their business as they do everyday, but he yearns for more.

He sighed loudly as he turned and slowly walked back into his bed chambers. Even though he had a great disdain for war, he would admit freely on this day that he yearned for the excitement of battle. A shrill beeping interrupted his thoughts. He looked about to make sure that there was no one in line of sight, as he pulled a small electronic device from his belt. It was a communicator crafted by Tony Stark and someone was hailing him.

“Thor….this is James Rhodes,” said the man known as the armored hero War Machine “There is something going down and I think we will need your….ummm…expertise.”

There was a distinct twinge of panic in his voice and Thor picked up on it right away. Nodding slowly, he pressed the button that opened the channel to speak.

“I shall leave at once James,” boomed his deep voice as he reached for his wing tipped helmet and uru metal hammer that lay on a large throne like chair “place your location into the device and I will use it to find you.”

“Ok big guy…but hurry,” said War Machine as an explosion seemed to be erupting from his location “I hope that hammer of yours allows you to jump into light speed or something.”

Placing the helmet on his head, he gripped the leather strap that was hanging from the bottom of his hammer and began to use it to slowly twirl the hammer. Grunting with effort he increased the speed of his movement and then while holding the hammer by the strap, threw it forward which allowed him to take flight.

He knew that if The Avengers were in need of his assistance enough to reach him in Asgard, then it must be a truly dire circumstance. His mind raced with all possible scenarios and he then realized that no matter what the issue is, he would need to be prepared to meet the challenge.

Flying towards the Rainbow bridge that linked Asgard to Earth, Thor waived to the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall. He knew Odin would not approve of him spending even more time on Migard* but he is their protector and feels a constant need to be there. Perhaps it was due to his mother being an Earth Goddess or that Odin banished him to Migard in a mortal form to learn humility, but something continues to draw him there and he will indulge that need.

She would never get used to this world or the way it conducts itself, but it did get her attention. So much to the extent, that she was banished from her home Themascara due to her friendships with the men of this world. She watched as a man in his mid twenties passionately kissed a woman that he was holding hands with. Shifting her gaze sheepishly to the ground, she sometimes wished that she was just Diana and not the hero known as Wonder Woman.

Her beauty was second to none but she felt so alone in this mortal world and craved what everyday people had and sometimes too for granted. She then received a call on her communicator that the Batman had created for Justice League. It was a distress signal from the military in New York City.

Something was going on and there were innocents to protect. She ducked into an alley and shrugged of her civilian clothing. Emerging into the light, people were all chattering with excitement at the sight of Wonder Woman. She smiled as she waved to the young couple and took to the air.

“I do not know what is going on in New York,” she said aloud as she picked up speed as she flew “But if the Justice League has been summoned then it is a chance that someone innocent will get hurt.”

New York is a long way from Metropolis but she would go wherever she was needed and will do everything she can do to help. Even though she is Princess of the Amazons, she feels the normal people are kindred spirits that her power will allow her to protect.

A loud explosion echoed off in the distance as she could make out the skyline of New York City in front of her. Flashes of light and further explosions allowed Diana to truly believe that she was entering a war zone in some third world country. She noticed something out of her peripheral vision and swerved hard to the right.

A loud whooshing sound filled the air as a tank whizzed by her within inches. Instinctively she pulled around and followed the flight path of the tank. She knew that whatever propelled it this far must be very powerful. She strained with effort as she grabbed the back of the tank and tried to stop it’s forward momentum.

The sound of metal plates shifting, signaled that there was tremendous strain on the vehicle and she knew that it would not sustain itself for much longer.  Reaching down within herself, she felt gave one last effort and hoisted the tank above her head. The door to the gun torrent creaked open as a young solider peered to see what had stopped them from their certain doom.

“It is ok, I have you,” she said from underneath the tank “I am going to set you down and see what caused you to go on this little flight.”

“Well I can tell you that it was a single guy. He picked us up and threw us. We couldn’t make a dent in him with all of our firepower Lady,” said the young man in disbelief “He was wearing some from of armor, like a knight. There was a skull painted on the front and he had a metal helmet, it kinda looked like the ones that the Romans wore in the show I watched on tv the other night. He said he was a God.”

At that moment she knew the evil that has been waging war with the men and women of the military in New York City. She was very familiar with this evil, he was someone that she first admired, then loved and finally despised. She could see his face in her mind and then let the name that she has cursed over many years roll off of her tongue once more.

“Ares………” she said as she sat the tank down on the ground, far from the battle “You stay here and tell your comrades to cease. They will not stop him. He is Ares, The God Of War and he will strike you all down if you oppose him. Leave him to me.”

The man radioed his commander and said that the heroine known as Wonder Woman advised that they stand down, as she would face this enemy. She could hear the man arguing with his superior officer and hoped that the army would heed her warnings. This was a battle that she would need to fight on her own, She knew the man she would be fighting and knew how relentless he can be.

She could see Ares engaged in battle with a man encased in armor, and that man know to the world as War Machine was losing. He was losing very badly. Ares landed a strong right hand to the mid section of War Machine that emitted a loud crack as pieces of armor flew from the force of the blow. Ares then clasped his hands and raised them high above his head and drove them into the back and neck of the armored Avenger. With a loud crash, War Machine dropped to his knees. His helmet fractured from his face and his chest armor cracked and emitting electrical sparks.

“Did you really think that a mere mortal in a tin can would stand a chance against Ares the God of War?” cackled Ares as War Machine struggled to stand and collapsed in a heap “This is the best is it? I declare war on this world and it’s champion was defeated so easily. Give me a challenge!!!!!”

As he turned to the left, he was met with a strong blow that sent him through the wall of a nearby building. Standing before him was a woman he had known years ago and had loved years ago. She sneered at him as he smiled and winked back at her. His smile widened as he chuckled low and appeared to enjoy seeing her for the first time in ages.

“Well now, this is more like it…..,” said Ares as he began to cackle with laughter “But heed these words Diana or as these mortals have named you….Wonder Woman….you will fall. I am the God of War and you are nothing but an Amazon Princess.”

She clenched her fists tightly as her breathing became ragged with rage as her gaze did not leave his. She did not want to show him any weakness, any sign that his words were impacting her. She did not want to show him that he still had any power over her. Not this day and not ever.

“Ares….I will not yield to you,” she said definitely “I may be a Princess of Themascara, but I will stop this evil you have brought to these innocent people. They have done nothing to you to deserve this fate that you have wrought on them. You may be a God but you are worth nothing more than the dirt under their feet.”

She watched as her insult caused Ares to squint in anger and his lips curl with poisonous rage. With a loud warrior’s cry, he leapt at her and landed a glancing blow against her cheek as she anticipated that move. The strike staggered her little as she turned and fired back with a roundhouse kick to the side of the Greek God. With a loud thud, Ares stumbled back a few steps and licked his lips lightly.

“Oh Diana, your ferocity is only equaled by your beauty,” said Ares as he reached for his battle axe on his back “However, your fighting skills or your ravishing visage will not save you. You spurred my heart many years ago, and I will enjoy this….very…..very….much!!”

Driving forward on his legs which seemed like they were the size of tree trunks, Ares brought his axe down with a furious blow. Diana instinctively brought her metal gauntlets around her wrists up and warded off the blow with a ear piercing clang. As she prepared to throw a punch, Ares connected with a heavy backhanded blow that sent Diana through one of the tanks that remained on the battlefield.

Leaping at the chance to finish this, Ares landed on top of her and began to pepper her with mighty blows from both his right and left hand. The sound of her grunting in pain appeared to be music to his ears. He smiled wide as he watched the bruises start to appear and the blood began to trickle from her mouth.

As he struggled to pin her down, Diana felt her strength fading. She had never fought someone so powerful and so merciless. With a last ditch effort she pushed with every ounce of strength and tosses Ares from her. He landed with a loud thud as she forced her self to stand and face him once more. Running hard, she landed a blow to his face that knocked him off of his feet. Diana pushed for ward with multiple blows to the face and abdomen of her former lover. Ares grunted with each strike and dropped to his knees and looked up to her.

“Diana…your passion is strong…you act repulsed…but….”seethed Ares through a ragged breath as he wrapped his legs around her waist and used the leverage to change positions with her. As he landed on top of her, he placed his left hand over both of her wrists and pinned them above her head. He reached for the battle axe on his back with his free hand “I am sorry to say…you were a disappointment…like these foolish mortals…a pity to destroy a creature so beautiful…Ares has slain many in his lifetime…but this is my first Amazon. See that building there. When I am done with you, I am going to string you to it for the world to see. You will be a message to these fools, a message of suffering.”

He raised his axe above his head for the killing blow, as Diana struggled to free herself but to no avail. Many thoughts passed through her mind as she saw her own death coming. She felt pain as she would never see her home or mother again. She would never see her comrades in the Justice League again and she would never see the wonders of the world of man again.

“Death will be greeting you now Diana,” said Ares coldly as he brought the blade of the axe down swiftly with force “Pray to Hera now for strength!!”

Once again a warrior cry emitted from the lips of Ares as he brought the axe down towards her skull. A loud clang filled the air as the blade struck the head of a uru metal hammer. Ares knew the weapon and also the man that wielded it as he looked up slowly to his face. Diana’s eyes were closed tightly as she waited fore the blow did not come. She then heard a deep booming voice, as if from the heavens themselves.

“Tis no matter if the lady is Amazon royalty or a mortal Ares God of War,” echoed the voice of Thor “Strike her down this day? I SAY THEE NAY!”

Opening her eyes, Diana saw a large man with chain mail covered in a black tunic. He wore black gloves, had a large red cape that seemed to lap at the wind.  The sun reflected off of his silver wing tipped helmet. She saw the hammer in his hands and wondered if this man is the one of the legends. Could he be the one who controls the storms?

Raising his hammer high, the skies were covered in black clouds that allowed rain to fall like tears to the soft soil below. With a deep in take of breath, a loud clap of thunder roared in the distance as lightning played tag with Earth below. Diana forced herself to stand, all the while being in awe of the Thunder God. Turning to face Ares, Thor strode forward with speed not seen in most men his size.

Ares readied himself for the blow that he knew was coming his way but could not evade  Thor, as he used his hammer to knock the axe from his hand. The pain that shot through his hand was visible in his body language as he gripped his wrist but it would not show in the eyes of the God of War. With a loud grunt, he swung a two handed upper cut blow that hit Thor true on the chin. Flying backwards, Thor felt the nearest building fall around him as he crashed through it.

Picking up his axe, he walked slowly towards the Son of Odin, savoring every step. What a day he could have by defeating the Mighty Thor and the incredible Wonder Woman. The Gods would all bow at his feet. Again his readied the axe to strike, and strike it did. Ares hammered the axe into the side of Thor and into the chain mail that protected him. Although the axe did not break flesh, it did bruise it all the same.

“Beg for your life Thunderer, “ scathed Ares “It will not do you any good but it would amuse me greatly.”

Grunting with effort to stand, Thor could not find his hammer amongst the wreckage but would not allow that to be a weakness. Lunging forward Thor is met by another blow of the axe to the same side as before and once again he crumbled to his knees. Ares chuckled as he walked toward him and arrogantly knocked the helmet from his head and kicked it to the side.

“After all these many, many years Odinson,” said Ares quietly “I will finally be the one who destroys you. What a notch on my belt it will be.”

Once again Ares prepared his blade for a third blow but this time as he swings it forward, a golden lasso tied snug around the handle and the blade is yanked from his hand. Angrily Ares spun around and saw Diana snapping the axe over her knee. Tucking the lasso into her belt, she took the air and knocked him to his back.

“I say Ares that the odds are against you,” she said “You have two warriors born to face now…or will you flee like the dog that you are?”

Letting loose an ancient Greek battle cry, Ares attacked with his bare hands. Landing precision blows, Diana began to think that she has never experienced a fighter like this. His anger fueled his actions but it also clouded his judgment. She fired her lasso with one last desperate act and missed him at such a close range.

“Well Princess,” he said as he stared at her “Appears that your aim has let you down.”

Then the golden lasso tightened around the mid section of Ares and pinned his arms to his side. Confused, he looks down at Diana who mustered a smile and then turned into a mighty blow from Thor’s uru metal hammer Mjolnir. The hammer hit Ares square on the chin and knocked him out cold.

“You are mighty good with a lasso Thunder God,” said Wonder Woman “Though even better with your hammer it appears.”

Thor reached down and snatched up his helmet and returned it to his head. He then securely tied Ares up with the lasso and slung him over his shoulder. Smiling, he started to twirl his hammer with his free hand. Wonder Woman watched as Thor built more speed to prepare to take flight.

“Well Diana, Princess of the Amazon,” said Thor as he looked into her eyes “Come with me. Firstly we will drop Ares off to Zeus to ensure that he is punished for his actions. Then come with me to Asgard and I will show you how the beauty of the Golden Realm will be a match of the beauty of an Amazon Princess.”

As the storm clouds part to signal the end of the storm that Thor had conjured, the two warriors took to the air together and flew towards the Rainbow Bridge that will allow them to pass between the Nine Worlds.

The End

**This is a fanfiction. All rights and copyrights of The Mighty Thor, characters and places belong to Marvel Comics. All rights and copyrights of Wonder Woman, characters and places belong to DC Comics.**

The Migthy Thor was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston.


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