Bat-fleck Begins


Well there world has been overcome with opinions that are both for and against the DC Comics and Warner Brothers reveal of Ben Affleck as the new Batman. Boy is there a lot of hate around the internet about this announcement. Fans are vocally opposing the casting of Affleck and have gone as far as sending a petition to the White House asking for someone to step in and remove Affleck from the role.

I find this incredibly crazy, even for comic book fans. I am a card carrying member of the comic book brotherhood and am slightly embarrassed by the amount of negative hoopla that has been generated about the new Batman. I think DC and the WB accomplished what they were seeking. They wanted to get people talking and this did it. People will end up going to this movie just because they want to hate on Affleck in the theater and this will make a profitable film even more profitable.

I really believe that Affleck will do a great job as Batman and will bring something new to a character that has been bogged down by so much realism, drama and darkness. There has to be a glimmer of light in these films if there is to be a Justice League movie and Affleck has the comedy chops to add a new wrinkle to the character.

What do you think about Bat-fleck?


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