Kevin Smith: A Hollywood Genius…..


Silent Bob and Jay

As I sit here on this Tuesday morning and listen to Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman on the latest episode of Hollywood Babble On, I realize that Kevin has been a huge inspiration and given my countless hours of prime entertainment. From the first time I watched “Clerks” up until his talk about “Clerks III” and “Tusk,” I have not found someone in the field of entertainment who has entertained me as much as Kevin Smith.

Although he has created many different characters in his movies, the two who are most memorable to me are of course Jay and Silent Bob. They are the one constant throughout the View Askew-verse that bridges the movies together. Although the characters are sometimes seen as one dimensional, there are moments in the films where they show a depth to their characters. Such as Silent Bob’s speech to Holden in “Chasing Amy.”

Kevin Smith doesn’t get all the respect he deserves in Hollywood and I dread the day when he finally does stop making movies but having Kevin doing so much work with pod casts does at least guarantee that his creative genius and his ability to make me laugh will still be available in some form.

I just want to say thank you Kevin Smith for all the years of laughter and for becoming such a huge part of my life. I hope that you continue to make movies but I will continue to be a huge Smodcast fan.

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