A New Thor Trailer!!!!


I have been waiting impatiently for the second Thor: The Dark World trailer to hit the web and on Wednesday August 7th it finally happened. Marvel waited to release the trailer during Youtube’s “Geek Week” and it was well worth the wait. This is not just the Thor movie that fans of the character have been waiting for but it may even be the movie that solidifies the character as a household name.

I am not going to break the trailer down but I will share it here:

This trailer really gives us the sense that the movie is going to be of an epic nature and one that I think will ease all the drama surrounding Iron Man 3. Thor has always been more of a niche character but this movie may finally break him into the main stream on his own instead of being on The Avengers.

My personal highlights from the trailer starts with anything that had Loki in it. Tom Hiddleston has been so dynamic as the God Of Mischief that he has entrenched himself as the greatest comic book movie villain of all time. The man truly loves the character, loves playing the character and loves the genre. Any scene that had interaction between Loki and Thor was what hit me hardest in this trailer.


The Sons Of Odin

I loved the scene of Mjolnir flying through the streets, taking a sharp turn and then returning to Thor’s hand. As a little kid growing up, I read Thor comics and the actual basis in real mythology is what drew me in and away from Batman and Spiderman. I would see Thor throw Mjolnir in the comics and never imagined I would see such a beautiful scene on the big screen some day. This was the best scene of the trailer to me.

The inclusion of the Kronan at the end of the trailer was definitely a bone thrown to Thor fans as they the giant stone men were the very first villains Thor fought back in his debut issue of Journey Into Mysteries over 40 years ago. The scene looks amazing and also reminded people that Marvel’s movies can have a very dark theme as this one does, but also includes humor hear and there to change the pace and mood of the film for a few moments. This is what was lacking in the Man Of Steel.


Malekith The Accursed really comes of as a complete and total bad ass in the trailers that we have seen so far. The villain really has a “heavy” vibe and does feel as a threat to not just Asgard but the entire nine realms. The God Of Thunder seems to be pushed to the limit and knows he is in for a tough battle.

So what do you think of the trailer? Are you as excited as I am for the film?


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