We Riot If Daryl Dies and We Die If Daryl Riots!


I will be completely honest and say that I have not sat down to officially write a true new blog post in awhile. Even though I was churning them out at a consistent pace, I was becoming burned out. Being a single father, a job that can sometimes become very stressful and overwhelming and a lack of inspiration all impacted me. All these things just drained the desire out of me.

Why am I back writing this? Why now? Well ladies and gentlemen, I have been inspired once again! There is something out there in the world that has me really excited and waiting impatiently. I have become a fan of “The Walking Dead.”

Now I have tried to watch the TV show and also read the comic book that the show is based on but I found it very by the numbers at first. Even though the first season was only 6 episodes long, it seemed to follow the tried and true clichés of story telling. I just could not get into the show but thought I would try season 2 before season 1. Maybe it would break down the barriers I was stumbling over.

Then it happened, I found my way in.

The character of Daryl Dixon, as portrayed by Norman Reedus, totally caught me off guard and has become not just my favorite characters on the TV show….but one of my favorite characters in any format. Season 2 was about Rick and the other survivors struggling to find any sense of normalcy but it was consistently underlined with the an amazing character story arc that saw Daryl not just grow, but evolve far past the redneck stereotype he was set up to be.


Daryl with his trusty crossbow!


The performance of Norman Reedus has truly elevated the Daryl Dixon character to a new level and one of immense importance on the TV Show. You see, Daryl is not in the comic book and has no real counterpart, so Reedus does not have any pre-set “marks” he has to hit to make the character loyal to the source material. Reedus himself is the source material.

All the characters on the show have grown and changed as they try to come to terms with everything that has gone on in the world since the zombie outbreak but Daryl’s evolution is not to make him a stronger character, as he knows just how strong he is. His evolution into a leader of the group that used to mock him, a selfless person who will do for others even though he will make it seem he won’t, the “big gun” when they need to dig in their heels to fight and the most surprising of all, is his weakness for making sure children are safe.

The way that Daryl searched non-stop for Sophia and filled Carol with hope was quite touching and something we would see throughout season 2. He then once again steps up when Judith is born and there is nothing for a new born to eat. He takes it upon himself to go get baby supplies as he says “No. Not this one.” in response to Herschel stating the baby wouldn’t survive without formula.

When push comes to shove, Daryl kicks ass with the best of them and carries one of the coolest weapons in the show. His trademark crossbow is never far from him and willingness to drive a motorcycle, leaving himself exposed, through a zombie filled land really ups the “cool” factor.

Daryl carrying Carol to safety

Daryl carrying Carol to safety

The character is the most popular on the show and is so popular in fact that the comic book creator Robert Kirkman has stated recently that he has tossed the idea around to include Daryl in the comic book. The comic book and the tv show do follow very different story lines but do share some of the same plot points.

I would live to see Daryl Dixon as a main character in the comic book and am hoping that he is not killed off of the tv show any time soon as he is the hook that finally got me interested in the show. The bad ass anti-hero who has a heart of gold is a story we see play out more than once but this ay be one of the most effective portrayals yet!




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