Canada Day Random Thoughts!


I want to first wish all my fellow Canadians who are living in this great country, or anywhere else in the world, a very happy Canada Day!! There is absolutely nothing going on in my small town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia to celebrate today.

So with that in mind, I decided to craft my very first blog of July and thought that a random thoughts format would be the best piece suited for this. I only have two topics today.

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

This past week I have finally sat down to watch the television phenomenon that is AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on Netflix. I was really hesitant about watching the show as I felt I was completely “zombie out” a this point and I have not read the comic book but did see that it always gets raving reviews.

Boy I wish I could have jumped on this show sooner as I am 100% hooked. I ate up the first two seasons on Netflix like it was some of the best candy ever created and got a hold of season three so I could be completely up to date for the premiere of season 4 this October.

Never did I think I would ever find anything worthwhile on the tv to watch in this day and age as most shows are just terrible. Here I am however, hooked like a fish on a hook and letting myself get pulled in. The cast, stories and effects are top notch and I find that the story telling has become so effective that the zombies are not even really important in season 3 as the story is not about them, not like the first two seasons. It is about the survivors.

By far my favorite character on the show is Daryl Dixon, who is played by Norman Reedus. Although he kind of started out as a bit part, the character may be the most popular on the show and is second to the character of Rick Grimes in importance. Daryl truly evolves as the show goes on and may be the most human of the characters we encounter. Plus he is a complete bad ass with a heart of gold!

KISS in Halifax NS

KISS in Halifax NS

Today makes it officially one month until I get to have “once in a lifetime” become “twice in a lifetime” as KISS returns to Halifax Nova Scotia to play at the Metro Centre on August 1st. I am very excited as I am a huge KISS fan and currently own over 100 KISS / KISS related (tribute and solo albums included) CDs and 15 KISS DVDs.

I never thought I would ever see them return to Halifax, even though Paul Stanley promised us he would when KISS last played Halifax in 2009. I am really hoping that the setlist from the European leg of the Monster World Tour stays intact for here. I have always wanted to see God Of Thunder and War Machine played live and love that they are playing non-make up songs like Heaven’s On Fire and songs from the last three studio albums Psycho Circus, Sonic Boom and Monster.

There is a part of me that thinks I will enjoy this concert more than the first time I saw them in 2009 as I was in complete shock then and tried to document every song with photos but this time I will be just soaking it all in.


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1 Response to Canada Day Random Thoughts!

  1. Emily Hill says:

    You’re not alone, I want them to play God of Thunder live too! And Hell or Hallelujah as well! Amazing songs! Maybe after the show in Victoria this week KISSopolis will give us the setlist. I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up! 😀


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