The Comic Hunter…A Real Life Hero


If you have followed this blog at all or read any of the postings here, then you know that I am a comic book fanatic. I love reading books from Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, IDW or any other company that produces my favorite medium for stories.

One issue I have with collecting comic books is that in my small home town of Liverpool, the nearest comic book shop is almost two hours away from me in Halifax. I tried calling the three comic book shops in Halifax, a few in Prince Edward Island and even tried a few in Ontario but no one would ship to me. Then I tried a shop out of Moncton, New Brunswick and finally had success!

The Comic Hunter were open to doing business with me, setting up a pull list and then shipping the books to me on a regular basis. The man who made this all possible is Remi and he has been fantastic. I can not stress how awesome Remi has been and so when I was in Moncton last week for vacation, I thought it would be cool to drop in and meet the man and browse the shop in person.


The Comic Hunter crew

It was really cool to browse through the back issues of Thor (and pick up a few!) and then collect my pull list in person. It was awesome to talk with Remi and the guys at the shop about what is going on with Thor and Marvel comics. I thanked Remi and shook his hand for stepping up to help me add to my collection.

He said he is open to adding more long distance clients in Atlantic Canada if there are any other people who are needing the service. I can not stress how great the customer service has been and how awesome the guys are. They would score a 11/10!!!

You can contact the guys at The Comic Hunter via the following:

Comic Hunter Facebook Page

Comic Hunter Website

Email Comic Hunter

or give them a call at 1-506-855-4950

Tell them Jason from Liverpool sent ya!!!


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