REVIEW: Man Of Steel ***SPOILERS***


The reviews for Man Of Steel have been mixed at best and it was with some caution that I decided to see the movie today. I will admit first and foremost that I am not the world’s biggest Superman fan but I was curious to see how DC and Warner handled the reboot.

As with all my reviews, I will break down my PROs and CONs for the film, give my thoughts at the end of the article and then assign a numerical score. The score is just an overall of how I saw the movie.



– I really liked the idea of a chance to see Krypton before everything starts to blow up. This gave insight into what Jor-El and Zod’s motivations were. This is more than we were given in any other Superman movie.

– The costume actually looked really well on the big screen. The darker color palette worked and so did the more organic theme they were using.

– Henry Cavill was a great choice to play the role of Superman. His performance was simple but it worked. It will be very interesting to see how he handles the role of Clark Kent in the next film.

– I really enjoyed the performances of Michael Shannon as General Zod and Antje Traue as Faora-Ul. These two actually were the most enjoyable parts of the film to me. I especially loved the way that Traue portrayed  Faora as a very strong, determined and confident warrior. Her delivery of her lines was some of the best work in the film.

– The majority of the special effects and CGI was really well done. The battle in downtown Metropolis, the oil rig scene out in the ocean and scenes of Superman flying were all well done.

– I liked the idea that Lois knew his identity before he came to the Daily Planet. It would have been completely nuts to have her discover who he was during the movie by following her leads and then allow her to be fooled by a pair of glasses. This will create many different story options in the future.



– Well I have to say that this is one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen. The first half of the film is dark and it drained me emotionally. I seriously was exhausted from how depressing the movie’s vibe was. They preached throughout the entire movie that Kal-El was a symbol of hope but my god I had no sense of that by the time the movie was over.

– The pacing of the movie was really off to me and I struggled to find a rhythm in the course of the film. The constant jumping around from past to present really did not allow me to settle in to enjoy the ride.

– I know I mentioned that the movie was dark and depressing but it really hindered any emotional investment that I may have acquired during the film.  I did not ever feel anything for the characters as I was emotionally drained half way through the movie.

– The huge destructive battled through Metropolis felt very familiar to me. The Avengers and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon both have used this type of final act before this movie. I would have liked to have seen them switch it up a little. Maybe have Superman realize the risk to the civilians and take the battle somewhere more barren. He could still come to the realization that Zod would not stop.

– Although I had no issue with Superman killing Zod as it did make sense in reference to the story but it really makes it easy for Superman to do it again. It gives him an easy option which would then free up more time to do more good with. This could be used as a story option if they ever want to explore it.

– I am fearful if the potential DC Cinematic Universe will follow in the same dark theme as Nolan’s Batman films and now Man Of Steel. I an hoping that they allow the dark theme to deviate and become lighter at some point but I am scared that DC believes that this is the way for them to craft their joint universe.


This movie has been embraced by Superman fans and DC fans with open arms as they have really lacked a great film about their hero since the original Christopher Reeve movie in 1978. The movie is not a bad film but it was not the Superman movie I was expecting.

It really had a snail’s pace that was disjointed between the jumps from the present to the past and back again. I was really feeling down after the movie ended and maybe I just had my fill of dark, emotionally draining films from DC.

SCORE: 6.5/10


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