Whether people want to admit it or not, Microsoft has everyone talking about the Xbox One. It doesn’t matter if the discussion is positive or negative, there is a lot of talk and what more could you ask for if you are Microsoft. I am not falling into the “Doom and Gloom” side of the argument and I am not blindly being an “Xbox Fanboi” either.

I have been a Xbox 360 owner for over 4 years and I have had no major complaints with the system or the video games that were offered on the platform. I do however recognize what has many people in an uproar.

I am not going to go into the specifics of what the Xbox One’s features are going to be, why some have caused a lot of people to become very upset and how Microsoft has handled the entire situation. I don’t want to retread all the drama but I will say this….


I have my Day One edition of the Xbox One pre-ordered through and yes, I did weigh the good and the bad. There is one thing that causes me to do it with confidence….


I love the Halo series. The story, the game play, the characters, the emotional investment it draws me in with and the pay off when the game ends….nothing comes close for me. Some people may think it is wrong to buy a system just for one game but in today’s video game marketplace, it is the exclusive games that will sway the decision making process for most gamers.

With all the feedback that Microsoft has received since E3, I believe that they are smart enough to make some changes to address some of the complaints. This is a very important time in the video game market and specifically for Microsoft. How they react to this will define this generation’s console wars.


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