My Favorite Female Heroes

I have a few female hero characters that really resonate with me. They may not be some of the more traditional choices that are usually thrown around when people discuss these types of things but I do have my own reasons for my choices. I tried to hit a few different genres to gather my list and settled on four women who have become my favorite femme fatales.

74_ms__marvel_45MS MARVEL

My all time favorite super heroine is Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel, bar none. She has an interesting back story, is forever tied to Rogue of X-Men fame, has an interesting power set and also has a kick ass attitude. There is no one else like her in the Marvel Universe and that makes her an even more amazing character.

Ms Marvel is one of the few female characters in the Marvel Universe who could stand toe to toe with Thor and one of my favorite moments involved both characters and took place in the pages of The Avengers. In a few panels, there was an exchange between Spider Woman and Ms Marvel in which Ms Marvel was staring at Thor the entire time. It was during this exchange that Spider Woman told Ms Marvel she should date Thor in which Carol replied “Is he single?”



One of my favorite character to ever grace a comic book with the Image Comics logo on the cover is Angela who first debuted as an arch-enemy angel to Spawn. Angela had all the qualities that made her a great character. She had a no nonsense attitude, very superior fighting skills and a killer instinct that few can match. She was a favorite of the readers of Spawn but fell into limbo due to a legal dispute between Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane and Neil Gaiman who created Anglea while writing Spawn.

The outcome of the court case is now known as Gaimen has brought Angela to Marvel Comics, with an updated look of course. I have read that she will be retconned into the history of the Marvel Universe and will be prominent in the Age Of Ultron event that is going on currently in Marvel Comics. I can not remember another character jumping from company to company like this before but I am very glad she will be relevant once again.



I admire Power Girl for more than her “obvious assets,” althought Power Girl cosplayers are some of my favorite people to see in costume. Although her history and origin has changed over the years, she is one of the female characters with DC Comics that actually interests me. I really liked the idea that she was an alternate universe Super Girl who stayed in our universe. It was a unique idea and one that would create interesting situation when both Power Girl and Super Girl would interact with each other.

Although her growing bust size has been an ongoing joke by some of those who have worked on Power Girl, she was unique enough to stand by herself as a character. She has surivived DC’s New 52 “non re-boot” reboot an is co-starring in a team up comic titled “World’s Finest” along side The Huntress.



This one is a no brainer for me as I have been a fan of the Halo video game series for many, many years and Cortana is one of driving forces in the story of the game. She is a strong character who even as an articifical intelligence is much more human that the actual human hero of the game series. With her mental state breaking down throughout the years, she slowly became a tragic character who had to come to terms with who and what she was.

This added more emotional weight and drama to her decision to scarifice herself to save Master Chief at the end of Halo 4. Her words and actions finally enabled Chief to be seen as a vulnerable human, instead of an emotionless man who people joked about being a robot. The Halo universe will be a little colder going forward without Cortana.




So these are the women who I have become fans of in the world of comic books and movies. They are more that are on the list but these 4 are heads and shoulders above the rest of them. Do you have any favorite female characters?


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