My Marvel Mash-Up

There has been a lot of different things going on for Marvel in regards of their cinematic universe the last week or so. At a time when Iron Man 3 has exceeded all expectations, there has been some other news stories that will have us celebrating and potentially very upset. So I figured I would look at the top four topics in one blog and do a mash-up of sorts.


Bye bye Hawkeye???

News broke this week that Marvel may have pulled Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye from all phase two films since he spoke his mind about how Hawkeye was handled in The Avengers. Apparently Marvel did not appreciate how outspoken Renner was and Renner felt that he couldn’t truly give a true performance of Clint Barton as he was mind controlled for most of the film.

If Hawkeye is indeed pulled from all phase two movies, I would not be against it as long as they brought in a new member to replace him. My pick for the roster spot is Ms. Marvel as she would bring a second female into the team and also add an interesting dynamic to the group.

This would also allow for the character to be re-cast and then inserted into our next topic……

Agents Of Shield

Agents Of Shield

A more positive piece of news came from Marvel this week as well as we received a full trailer for the new show “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” which was picked up by ABC. This is fantastic news as we have the return of Agent Phil Coulson to the Marvel Universe. Actor Clark Gregg stated that the way that his return is going to be handled will not diminish what his “death” meant in The Avengers.

There were teases in the trailer that showed The Avengers tower in a New York skyline shot and perhaps a character that could be Luke Cage. This show will open up a huge amount of potential to flesh out many of the lesser known Marvel characters and is a way to create a television universe that will exist in the cinematic universe.

A new actor playing Hawkeye would be a valuable asset to the show as it would allow someone who was directly involved in the Chitauri invasion to have a voice and give insight into what the new S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would be experiencing.


There has been a lot of talk of late about Marvel trying to cut back the salary of the cast for the sequel to the Avengers. Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson have  both stated publicly that they made far less than Robert Downey Jr., perhaps as much as over 20 times less. The stars are not upset with the amount that Downey made but rather the disparity between Downey and everyone else when the movie took in over a billion dollars. Marvel has threatened to recast all those unhappy with their pay.

Marvel has been trying to lock up Downey for the Avengers sequel and he recognized that the others may not have the leverage that he has when dealing with the money, so he has apparently stated that he will start negotiating and perhaps sign, if the others are paid.

Good for you RDJ!!!


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Photos have surfaced on twitter from Dave Bautista himself of him receiving some form of make up application to his face. Marvel fans have assumed that this is for his role as Drax in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. James Gunn took to twitter to state that it was not a make up test and was strictly a facial for Big Dave.

Even though my exposure to the Guardians comic book has been limited, I am very excited for this film. Part of it is the unknown aspect of the characters and story elements and how it will add a whole new element to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There is a chance to grow Thanos as a threat with this movie and I truly believe that is how it should be used. Take the teased appearance at the end credits  of The Avengers and show how much a bad ass Thanos is in Guardians. Have him utterly tear them apart and establish how powerful and deadly he is. This would go a long way to making his battle with the Avengers more epic.


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