All Original Screenplay Attempt

I have decided to do something a little out of my comfort zone and something that will push me farther outside my comfort zone as a writer than I have ever been pushed before. In the pas I have started screenplays based on other people’s characters and ideas. This works included my Hellsing screenplay, my sequel to Batman Begins and my own Thor screenplay but there is a common factor that prohibits me from seeing the projects through to their conclusion.

Someone else is already tasked with writing this screenplays.

So it only makes sense that if I want to actually write a screenplay without worrying about someone else already doing the same, I have to do an original concept and not adapt someone else’s work. So I have committed to writing a screenplay containing ideas all from my own creation and see what happens.

I am passionate about comic books and super heroes, so I could see it being a movie based in that genre. I will post more updates as I begin work on the project and will create a Facebook page for the project once I have a name in place.

I hope you all join me on the ride!!


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