Analyzing Thor: The Dark World’s Trailer


On Tuesday the highly anticipated (especially for me) trailer dropped for Marvel Studios second film of their Phase Two of movies, Thor: The Dark World. Anyone who knows me or who reads this blog knows I am a HUGE fan of Thor and have been collecting Thor comics for a long time and I still do to this day. I will share the trailer here and do a scene by scene break down of what I believe we are looking at.

The first part of the trailer shows a town set in our world that has a desolate feel as there is no one in sight. It then cuts to a young man walking towards a large truck. He places a finger on the bumper of the vehicle and it starts to float in the air effortlessly. Odin has a voice over in which he says “Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing.”

I believe that this scene was shown to display that the “mortals” on Migard are acquiring god-like powers on a more consistent basis. That the universe itself is becoming engrained in a “super power” existence. The line between mortal and god is blurring.

The scene shifts to Jane Foster standing back to the camera and a strong wind is blowing leaves around. She spins to face the camera as Odin says “They were wrong, there was darkness.” The scene shifts to someplace dark. Someone is starting to lean forward as they appear to be resting in some form of device. A large alien like construct is shown cutting it’s way through the water near two large buildings. It eventually makes land fall and tears through the ground causing destruction as it goes. The trailer cuts to Darcy and a guy who are holding some type of equipment. Odin then says “And it has survived. ” The interior of the buildings is shown as glass shatters dramatically. Cue the Marvel logo.

The scene with Jane is to tease that something is happening of course. The being in the device would appear to be Malekith the Accursed, a dark elf of great power. The alien construct could be one of his vessels. The appearance of Darcy adds a sense of familiarity to the viewer since she was in the first film. The Music is dark and eerie and the footage adds a sense of something bad happening.

Thor lands heavily from the sky where everything was happening. The trailer next shows Jane staring in shock, her mouth opens as a voice over from Thor says “I gave you my word. I would return.” The camera pans and shows Thor looking at her. They then approach each other amongst a truck that is on it’s side and what appears to be cargo cars that a train would use stacked on their sides, like they were tossed about. Thor places his hand behind Jane’s head as she asks “What’s going to happen?” He then holds her close and says “Hold on” as she tries to protest. Darcy yells for Jane as police and other rescue services watch Thor and Jane leave either via the Bifrost or other Asgardian means. Darcy walks towards where they were standing and the same Runic designs are imprinted on the ground as the first film.

Thor apparently feels that Jane is in great danger and takes her to Asgard. Why he doesn’t take Darcy or heed a warning to anyone else is unknown. Could Jane specifically be a target or is he just extremely cautious about the mortal he has feelings for?

The words “This Fall” appears and is followed by a beautiful scenic shot of a large lake/water source between two mountains. An odd building is also visible. Two large and old doors open slowly. A voice over of Jane saying “We’re from different worlds” as her and Thor walk through Asgard, both wearing tunics. The next scene shows Lady Sif looking towards the camera with a look of displeasure. The next scene shows Thor with his sleeveless armor holding Jane close as they walk with a third person. The face of this person is not visible but their clothes look familiar. They then shows a frozen land as Jane says “maybe they are separate for a reason.” Jane is then shown laying on a glowing area, whether a table or maybe even the Bifrost. A large and ominous craft with a bright red light is shown crashing through pillars in Asgard. An unknown enemy is shown shooting some form of energy blast at people running through the woods. The trailer cuts to a profile shot of Odin as he looks on concerned. Voice over from Thor “If we do nothing they will destroy us.” Thor is shown in his tunic speaking to Odin. The same craft is shown again but this time attacking buildings in Earth.

The hints of Jane mentioning that they are from two different worlds and they maybe it is that way is for a reason leads me to believe that she will somehow become “Asgardian” in some form. It may only be a temporary thing, but maybe she is dying and to save her they give her Asgardian powers so she can heal. I also think there will be a love triangle with Sif involved much more than the first film. My guess for who the third person is with Thor and Jane as they walk? It looks like Loki to me.

A very cool scene where there is a battle and you see Mjolnir fly through the air, past Lady Sif and into a funnel of energy that contains Thor. The scene then shifts to Thor jumping through the air and delivering a blow to the ground that send all the dark elves flying away from him. He then stands as explosions erupt in the air behind him. The scene cuts to someone with a long, white ponytail walking through a makeshift doorway into an Asgardian dwelling. The next scene shows Frigga with a sword and Jane standing behind her. Sif is then shown on the battle field amidst a huge battle. Voiceover from someone (maybe Malekith) That says “Ask yourself, what would you sacrifice for what you believe?” The trailer shifts to Thor throwing a dark elf as they fight. There is a large explosion as we see Thor digging in his heels but being drove backwards by something. His cape is tattered and he is a little bit bloody. He struggles to move forward towards Malekith who is using some form of power (magic?) to push Thor back but also hold Jane in the air. Jane looks very scared. Scene cuts to Thor dropping to his knees and bellowing out a distraught “NO!” The movie title is shown.

How freaking cool was the scene with the hammer returning to Thor? He may have just landed from the Bifrost and that could explain the energy that was surrounding him. It is cool to see Frigga defending Jane although I do believe she will die in this film. Malekith looks bad ass and comes off as a very dangerous threat.

Voiceover by Loki “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.” Thor walks into a room that is home to a cell that houses Loki. It has no bars but clear walls and Thor is once again wearing his tunic. Thor says to Loki “You should know that when you betray me, I will kill you.” The scene shifts to Loki who has really long hair. He smiles and asks simply “When do we start?”

This is the “moneyshot” of the trailer!!!! We all thought Loki would be in the film but Marvel kept everything under wraps in regards to the character. I predicted last year that the sequel would see Thor and Loki having to work together due to the fact that the character has already been a villain for two films and will need to be in this one, but in a different capacity.


What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for Thor: The Dark World too?





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