People Believe………..In Tom Hiddleston……


There has been a few rumors the last few years of a potential reboot of the cult classic movie (and one of my favorite films of all time by the way) “The Crow.” There are many people who do not want to see a reboot at all but I am not in that grouping at all. You see, I would love to see a movie that would be more true to the original graphic novel by James O’ Barr (which I own.)

An interesting tidbit appeared a few days ago, when it was reported that Tom Hiddleston was in talks for the lead role. Well, not only is he the favorite at this time but he apparently also completed a make up test. The man who made Loki a household name is one of the most versatile actors around and I believe he would be a great fit for the role.

If I were helming the creation of this film, I would do as close an adaptation of the graphic novel as possible. This would allow the movie to feel familiar but also very fresh at the same time. Hiddleston would bring a unique skill set to the project and would really add something to the character of Eric Draven.


I will be watching this play out VERY closely! What do you think?


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