Phase 2 Looks Marvel-ous!


It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks that with the release of Iron Man 3 in theatres, Marvel will be officially kicking off the launch of “Phase Two” of their movie universe. I wanted to take a peek at the first three movies out of the gate to usher in another amazing series of films.

The foundation for the sequel to the Avengers will be laid step by step, with the first three steps being set in place by Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not only will these three movies showcase Marvel’s “Big Three” but it will also show how the invasion of the Chitauri affected them.


The Silver Centurion Armor

I was very, very excited to see that the Mach 33 armor was my favorite Iron Man armor of all time, the Silver Centurion armor. I do not know if it is the combination of the red and silver color scheme, the larger shoulder pads or that the armor looks like it is a heavy hitter…both in the comic and in the above image.

I will not lie, the scenes in the trailer of Tony’s hall of armor’s arriving to aid himself and Rhodey blew my mind. One thing that made Iron Man such an interesting character is the amount of different armor’s he has at his disposal. I never thought we would see so many of the armors appear on the big screen at all, let alone in one film.

This has potential to raise the bar for what a solo super hero movie can be.

Thor's slightly new look

Thor’s slightly new look

The Mighty Thor will also be sporting a slightly different look for his sequel this November as well. Although his costume has only been altered here and there since his debut movie, it stays true to the original film and the comic book costume of Olivier Coipel’s that it was based on. I like the look and hope he movie allows a few different looks like The Avengers did for Thor.

The main difference is the body armor’s chest plate as it has a much different look than what we were introduced to in the first film. It looks more medieval and less tech. I also like that there is more of a tunic vibe going on with the lower half of the costume. That was one of the things I really liked about Coipel’s costume for the comics, it looked more like traditional armor and it aligned Thor more with his Viking influence.

New Captain America costume??

New Captain America costume??

The above image is courtesy of and shows Captain America in what appears to be a new costume for Capatin America: The Winter Soldier. It is an interesting design as it seems to be an altered version of Steve Roger’s costume from The Secret Avengers comic book in which he was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Out of all the characters to introduce new costumes I feel it is much easier to do with a character like Captain America as all of his costumes do become more or less “dated.” The costume from the first movie worked extremely well as it played heavily off of the armor available from World War II. The costume in The Avengers made sense as well as it was used to create a “symbol” out of Captain America. A walking and breathing “America.”

I have no issue with each movie presenting a new wrinkle on the costumes of the characters or by even introducing all new costumes, as it shows that the characters are evolving.

What do you think of the changes?


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