Anticipating Iron Man 3


How amazing was the official full trailer for Iron Man 3? What???? You are one of two people on this planet that have not seen the trailer????? Crazy I say!!! Well. I can rectify that for you. Check out the trailer below this paragraph and just soak it all in.

How freaking amazing is that? This will probably upset some DC fans but I could care less if Man Of Steel plays in a theatre close to me but I really can not wait to see Iron Man 3. Not only is it the third installment of the franchise, but it is also the first movie to be released after The Avengers and it looks to really add some darkness to the life of Tony Stark.

The incomparable Robert Downey Jr returns once more to grace the screen as the Armored Avenger and his supporting cast will return with him but it is the introduction of The Mandarin that has the world buzzing. The archnemesis of Iron Man in the comic books, we did noit know if we would see the character on the big screen but the snippets of Ben Kingsley’s performance as the Mandarin has me anticipating the film even more.


The official kick off to Marvel’s “Phase 2” of films is only weeks away and they continue to promote excitement with each film that they release. It allows the cinematic universe to continue to grow and branch out to encompass more of the universe already established in the comic books.

DC and Warner Brothers has a tough uphill battle to try and catch up to the immense head start that Marvel and Disney already has. Disney also seems to trust Marvel and does not appear to meddle too much with the vision that the company has for what it is crafting so carefully.

I know for me, May can not come quick enough!!!

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