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After a semi-lengthy hiatus away from writing this blog due to some real life committments, I am back to do a “hodge podge” of different topics. There is a lot of exciting and interesting things going on in the the world and  I wanted to touch on a few of them.

I am going to set a goal of two written pieces for this blog a week and one per week that will appear exclusively on www.fromthepoint.com. Those articles will be more Pittsburgh Penguins and hockey related.

Man, it is soooooooo good to be back!!!

The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays


With all the major off season additions that has been orchestrated by Blue Jays G.M. Alex Anthopoulos, the team from Toronto is now the favorite for the American League East pennant and also for the World Series. I do understand with all the high end talent joining the club that expectations will of course be high, as they should be. I have noticed that there has already been people waiting for the team to fail and that is unfortunate.

The city of Toronto is desparate for a winner and the Blue Jays have been an underachieving baseball team riddled with injuries for many seasons now, and this season that could all change. If they remain healthy, IF they can, they are going to be the team to beat. As a Jays fan I am very excited for this season!!

Lordi Adds Two More Monsters!!


Finnish hard rock / heavy metal band Lordi just played on German TV a few days ago and made a huge statement that their untimely demise was highly exaggerated. With the unfortunate passing of drummer Otus and the departure of long time keyboardist Lady Awa, Lordi was in  a state of flux and their future was unknown.

Taking over the drums is Mana and the new keyboardist is known as Hella. The costumes and names both fit the band perfectly but I was concerned about the talent and if they could bring it forward. I have included a video performance of the band with Mana and Hell as they perform the hit “Hard Rock Hallejuah” on Irish TV.

Lordi looks and sounds like they are going to release a beast of a new cd and I can not wait!!

The Best In The World


One of the things that made me curious for the start of the strike shortened NHL season, was how well would Sidney Crosby play this season after a few injury shortened seasons in which he struggled wirth the frustration of injury setback after setback. Coul;d he regain the form that saw him become the best hockey player in the world?

So far this season after 22 games, he has scored 10 goals, 24 assists and a league leading 34 points. He has stepped up his level play to lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to first place in the Atlantic Division, even with the loss of reigning NHL MVP and scoring champion Evgeni Malkin to a consussion. The same injury that sidelined Crosby for so long.

Crosby worked hard in his time away from the game due to injury and has not lost a step. He has the same amazing vision. sick backhand, lightning fast snap shot, explosive speed and desire to win. He has hoisted the Penguins on his back and carried them the last few weeks. The Kid is back and the NHL is on notice.

Iron Man 3 Post Credit Spoilers ?!?!?!?!


As I was bunking down for the night last night, I was checking Facebook from my cell phone and noticed a post from a comic book new website about a potential spoiler for Marvel’s upcoming movie, Iron Man 3 in May. If you do not want to know what the spoiler may be, I am going to put in a buffer of blank lines to give you ample opportunity to back out.


Still here??? Ok, so the rumored spoiler is one of Iron Manis as follows:

According to these posted descriptions, Tony Stark directs JARVIS and his robots to repair his various armors that were badly trashed during his battle with The Mandarin. As the repairs are taking place, JARVIS interrupts to tell Tony Stark that he’s receiving a coded message being transmitted from outer space. (Apparently, it’s explained at some point in the movie that JARVIS has been set to notify Tony Stark of any cosmic activity, given what happened with the Avengers.)

The message that JARVIS received turns out to be an SOS from none other than Star-Lord, who is shown wearing his mask. Tony Stark tells JARVIS to put together his Space Armor, and there is even a reference to using metal from the Wakandan envoy (a nice Easter Egg for Black Panther). After the Space Armor is assembled, Tony Stark flies off into space. He’s supposedly makes a comment along the lines of “this time I’m ready” and “I’ll be back.”

That seems to be following the idea that I put out there last year after I saw Thanos at the end of The Avengers movie. They need to use the Guardians Of The Galaxy as the movie to establish just how powerful Thanos is. Having Iron Man lead into the movie is a great idea and having Thanos destroy one super team will give him some major credibility before he faces off against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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