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I just wanted to take a moment to write a little bit about the lack of content written for the blog this month. It is not due to a lack of desire or interest I assure you, and it is not because of the gig I have writing for either. It is because this month has been incredibly busy for me due to work and life obligations. This blog is NOT going away and I am extremely excited to plot out the next few months of content.

What types of “Rants” will I be posting in the next upcoming weeks? What topics could possibly inspire me to put the ol’ virtual pen to virtual paper?

-I have recently finished Halo 4 and will post my review of the game. It will be the first video game review I have done since I  wrote about a little game named Halo: Reach

– As more footage, photos, tid bits and trailers become available for Iron Man 3, I will dedicate a piece to the film and what my expectations are for it.

– Who is Beta Ray Bill? Why is he someone I want to write about? Why do I  not want to see him on the big screen? Is he still viable in today’s comic book landscape?

– Lordi has a new drummer and keyboard player. Who are they? What costumes and personas have they adopted? Is this the band’s last kick at the can?

– Of course there will be lots written about Thor: The Dark World as we edge closer to the opening date in November. Expect an indepth analysis when the first trailer hits the internet.

I will also be highlighting the artictles I write for From The Point here as well. I have been plotting out the next few pieces I want to write and have published on the site. Some of them are Penguins related and some are not. Some are hockey related and some are not. Here is a sneak peek.

– What has been wrong with the Pittsburgh Penguins power play? With all the talent that they possess, shouldn’t be scoring at a much more proficient percentage? What are the fixes?

– Are the Toronto Blue Jays going to live up to the expectations that they had earned after one of the most eventful off seasons in baseball history. The Jays are looking to be serious when it comes to bringing the World Seriesd back to Canada.

– How good can Jordan Eberle become? A natural goal scorer and offesive threat, Eberle seems to always have the puck on his stick when the game is on the line. One of the top young players in the NHL may be soon taking the next step in his career.

– Can the Penguins win with Marc-Andre Fleury?  I believe they can and will explain the reasons that I feel this way. Through all the inconsistency of last year’s play offs, I stand behind Flower and feel he is the man for the job.

So as you can see, I have lots of ideas that will be expanded upon and presented on this blog. I appreciate everyone who has ever visited my little corner o the internet and as I creep closer to 200,000 all time views, things will have settled done and I will have lots of great stuff for you all.


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