My Favorite Female Vocalists

On a some what warm winter day, I have been sitting here listening to some kick ass music and I started to have some random thoughts about who currently are my favorite female vocalists. I have a very wide range of musical tastes on my palette but there are 3 singers who I enjoy more than others.

These very talented and beautiful women will not be in any particular order but they are head and shoulders above the rest of their peers.



Floor Jansen of Nightwish

One of the vocalists that I have been very happy to discover this year is Floor Jansen.The lead singer of Re-Vamp and Nightwish (hopefully it will evolve into a full time gig for her) has really exploded on the scene this year. Since she was hand picked by Tuomas Holopainen to replace former vocalist Anette Olzon, she has shot in the stratusphere.

Floor combines a very strong onstage prescense with one of the best vocal ranges in music today. She has a voice that combines the vocal talents of both former Nightwish vocalists Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon. With her singing for the band, they have the opportunity to explore the entire music catalogue, where they were limited previously.



Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

One of the most amazing bands I have stumbled across in the last few years is Halestorm that is fronted by Lazzy Hale. I have never heard such a raw and pure rock and roll voice from a female vocalist in many years. Lzzy oozes such a sexy and sultry vibe in her look but it really shines in her voice as well. She is one of the few vocalists that can pull off the rock and roll/heavy metal “scream” live as well in the studio.

My congratulations go out to Lzzy and Halestorm for winning the Grammy for best Hard Rock/Metal performance a few days ago. I was estatic to see a real rock and roll band win a rock and roll award. This is the moment that will launch them into a house hold name and they will not be an underground band much longer.



Klaryssa Korolenkov of Chamber Of Echoes

One of the most talented and hard working people in the music industry is the beautiful Klaryssa Korolenkov of the band Chamber Of Echoes. Even though she may not be as well known as other vocalists, she may be the most accessible and visiually dynamic artist in her field. I have had the pleasure of having some lengthy conversations with Klaryssa and have written a previous piece on her you can read here.

Chamber Of Echoes have been working tremendously hard on their debut full length album titled “World Of Silence” and also completed the filming of their latest music video. Klaryssa is hands on with every aspect of Chambers Of Echoes as it is her baby, and I feel that this is what drives the band forward. One of the most unique sounds and looks is what you will immediately notice about Klaryssa but it is her passion that will stay with you more than anything else.

Who are some of your favorite female vocalists?


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