My Newest Article For From The Point: Where Is The Wonder, Where’s The Awe



You can find my newest written article for From The Point here. It is my first non hockey post for the site and I am sure I will catch a little flack for it. Something that Brian Metzer told me when he offered me the chance to write for the site is that he wanted to expand the scope of what was covered there. Of course it would still be Pittsburgh Penguin central but he wanted to welcome thoughts on not just different hockey teams but also different sports and different non sports topics.

For my first non sports topic I decided to share a brief history and my passion for the band Nightwish. If one thing rivals my love for the Pittsburgh Penguins, it is my love for Finland’s own Nightwish. The band will always have a very special place in my heart and life, as they really re-instilled my faith in music when it was at it’s lowest.

I hope you all enjoy!


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