Let’s Celebrate 175 000 all time views!!

I wanted to write a little something today to recognize another milestone for my little blog, and that is that we very recently surpassed 175 000 all time views. I know for some bloggers or websites will see that number everyday but for a little blog by a guy from Liverpool, Nova Scotia Canada….it is a HUGE accomplishment!

To celebrate this moment, I wanted to do a a “hodge podge” of 3 or 4 mini posts all emcompassed in one blog.  That way I can just touch on a few different topics at once. Let’s get to it!



As I have previously mentioned, I am currently on the writing staff for the hockey website From The Point. It is an article to welcome back the NHL and it’s players from the lock out and I try to place a different spin on the entire situation. The piece has recieved great feedback and I am extremely happy with the opportunity to contribute to the site with some other amazing writers.

I am currently plotting out my second article and may surprise some people with the topic I have chosen. It will be a very fun topic and will hopefully spread a few names to parts of the world that may not know of them.



The more I hear of Nightwish with Floor Jansen on vocals, the more I fall in love with her. I truly loved Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon but Floor is bringing something intangible to the band that it has been lacking for a long time. If Anette re-energized the band after the fall out with Tarja, then Floor has galvanized it after the fall out with Anette.

I really do think that Floor will push Nightwish to the next level and I think that Tuomas Holopainen sees/knows this as well. The band could have sputtered and crashed during this latest departure of the vocalist but Floor almost seemed to bring a calming effect to the situation. I love Floor and hope she will stay in the band!



I can finally say with 100% joy that I have successfully pre-ordered the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One box set from Amazon.ca. The item was pulled due to the legal issues over the design of the briefcase last year and I had signed up to recieve notification of any news on the item. Imagine my surprise when I saw an email from Amazon at 5am telling me that the item was ready to be pre-ordered.

Yes, I own all the movies that make up the first phase of the Marvel movie universe. However anyone that knows me, knows I am an avid collector fo different things and I want this box set badly. It is not just the movies, but it is also the items that come with the set that has me really excited to own it. I will definitely review the box set when I recieve it in April!!

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