Nightwish Reborn………….


Imagine my surprise on this very cold (bitterly cold even) morning when I sat down to see what Youtube was recommending for me to view. I see the usual news feed: Roosterteeth, Marvel Comics, IGN, NHL and then something caught my eye. Something that has me smiling like, to quote Mike Lange, “a butcher’s dog.” A video titled:

Nightwish – “Ghost Love Score” live from Buenos Aires 2012

When I first heard Nightwish, it was Tarja Turunen’s vocals that captivated me and when her time came to move on it saddened me. Her replacement, Anette Olzon, had huge shoes to fill and did an amazing job in my opinion. Although she had a different vocal style and brought different intangibles to the band, she made the role her own. This year there was a mutual decision for her and the band to part ways and my heart was heavy once again.

The video I shared above is of “in-term” vocalist Floor Jansen and…….I think it took it three times to get it right. Tarja has an amazing voice but was limited in her stage presence. Anette was limited with her vocal range but brought a rock n roll vibe to the band. Floor Jansen has brought a powerful voice and amazing stage presence as a front woman to the Nightwish.

Nightwish – “I Want My Tears Back” live from Hartwell Arena 2012

There is something special going on right now with Nightwish and it easily could have all fallen off of the tracks when the issues arose with this year. Tumoas recognized that a change needed to be made and somehow brought in the perfect singer to meld together the styles and fan bases of the previous two vocalists. Floor has the chops to not just belt out the back catalogue of music but also the current tracks off of “Imaginaeurm.”

Plus she is one hell of a beautiful woman….I mean seriously. She is captivating.

With the two pro shot live videos that I have shared here, I am hoping it is a sign of things to come. That there may be a new Nightwish DVD/Blu Ray set on it’s way. We never received any such set with Anette, so it is long over due. The day it happens, I will be in line to buy it, will watch it multiple times and then review it!


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