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If you would kindly visit From The Point right now, you can read the very first written piece I have done for the site here. I can not stress enough how amazing it is to be on the staff for the site and to take my writing to the next level. I will still be creating content for this blog but will generate exclusive content for From The Point as well.

I can not thank Mr. Brian Metzer enough for offering me this tremendous opportunity. Brian is someone I look to as a mentor and was my best source for news on my favorite NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Being in Nova Scotia, I could not get the “grass roots” level of news I was seeking.

Then I befriended Brian and was able to get the information about the team from someone located in the Pittsburgh area. I was floored when one day I received a message from Brian stating how much he enjoyed a blog I had written about Sidney Crosby and I was “smiling like a butcher’s dog.” That he took the time to not just read my work but also pass on his thoughts was a tremendous gesture by Brian. It validated that my decision to start this writing shtick was the right one.

You can read the Sidney Crosby piece here and an interview I did with Brian Mezter (my first major interview) here


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