That’s A Wrap: Thor – The Dark World


News broke late Tuesday night that filming has indeed wrapped on Marvel Studios “Thor – The Dark World.” The filming of the movie has been eventful with new cast members, a new director, injuries on set, a new vision and let’s not forget that this film will contribute to the Avengers sequel in 2015.

I have high expectations for this film. It will explore more of the myths, more of the lore and dip into the cosmic power pool more than the first movie in the franchise. I truly hope that this film also gives us the chance to see Loki and Thor fight side by side against the Dark Elves.

Think about it. The last time we saw Thor and Loki working towards the same goal was in 2011 in “Thor.” This movie is only going to be out mere 2 years later, but with the brothers conflict being front and center in “The Avengers,” it feels like it has been much longer than that.

chris-hemsworth-thor-2-lokiI am really hoping that the story is in the same vein as Walt Simonson’s arc “The Surtur Saga” from his run on the Thor comic book. There is a moment where Thor and Odin are joined by Loki to push back the fire demon Surtur and his minions. Odin is fighting for Asgard, Thor for Migard and Loki let’s it be known he is fighting just for himself and his self preservation.

It would really create a unique situation to see Thor and Loki put aside their differences to save Asgard and I am trying to think of another super hero/comic book movie franchise in which the hero and villain team up after two previous excursions in film in which they battle feverishly. It might be the lack of sleep but I can’t come up with any.

The most anticipated movie for me in 2013 is “Thor – The Dark World.” I am sorry Superman, but I have been burned before by you good sir. What about fellow Canadian  Wolverine? His film has some work to do to win me back, but it is possible.

Are you ready to traverse back to Asgard?


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