GAME ON?!?!?!?!?!


I awoke to some very good news today……the NHL and NHLPA came to terms on a new tentative collective bargaining agreement. Well, it is about damn time. I am still upset that this happened in the first place, as I really think the NHLPA should have started talks when the NHL originally wanted to. Donald Fehr wanted to maximize the desperation of the NHL and it’s owners however to get everything that he could.

So where do we go from here? As a life long (as far back as I can remember atleast) hockey fan I am torn. On one hand, I am very excited to know the sport I love will soon be back but on the other hand, I am still extremely pissed off at the NHL and the NHLPA for putting us through ANOTHER lockout. Especially since this one really didn’t need to be this nasty and really didn’t need to happen at all. I will say I would boycott the NHL but I know that it wouldn’t stick as I would cave and start to care about the NHL and it’s players once again. So why set myself up for that.

Do I forgive either side in this mess? No, I do not. Do I miss NHL hockey? Yes, I do. Should the fans all clamor back right away? No, not if they do not want to. I think that the NHL and it’s players need to find a way to bridge the gap that it created with the fans and it will not be as easy as last time. This lock out really made both sides look greedy and selfish, and that will take a lot of time to fade in the memories of the people who are fans.

All I can really say about my own feelings are:

“It’s a great day for hockey!”


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