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Various sports channels and web sites have reported that the Toronto Blue Jays and current National League Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey agreed to a 2 year / 25 million dollar contract extension. The only thing holding back the trade is the newest Blue Jay passing a physical. The trade sees the Blue Jays receiving catcher Josh Thole, a prospect and Dickey. The Mets will receive top catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud, catcher John Buck, pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard and another prospect.

This has been an amazing off season for the Blue Jays, as Alex Anthopoulos has completely reworked not just the lineup, pitching rotation and club house but he has changed the culture in the dressing room and also put Major League Baseball on notice that the Toronto Blue Jays were serious about making a run at the World Series.

Am I saying that the team are destined to win it all due to all these moves?  No, I am not. I am saying however, that the team has made the right moves to push past a Red Sox team that is in disarray, a Yankees team that is a trying to deal with their own issues, a Rays team that is seeking an identity and an Orioles team that over achieved last season.

Have to give Alex Anthopoulos kudos for striking while the rest of the division is reeling and for making Toronto relevant again. Go Jays Go!!!


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