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The name alone will make people think of many things and remember many characters, movies or television shows. He is a classically trained actor who has performed in many stage plays to go along with movies, television and has provided his voice for many voice over projects. No matter the role or the project, one thing remains constant…..Ron Perlman is one of my favorite actors of all time. Period.


Ron Perlman

The earliest memory I have of Ron Perlman was from watching the CBS television show “Beauty And The Beast” with my mother when I was a young boy. The show was a combination of action/detective/romance/adventure all wrapped up in a unique package. Ron Perlman portrayed the the male lead in the show named “Vincent” and was the beast, literally.



Something about the show intrigued me and the character of Vincent was someone I took to immediately. He was a dark guardian to the female lead and his inner beauty was also developed into one of the main plot points. The emotion that Ron Perlman could deliver to the audience through the make up was amazing to witness. To this day, I still have a place for this show in my heart.

Then there is his performance as Reindhart in Blade II, his performance as Lord Hood in the Halo video game series, his take on Slade in the Teen Titans cartoon, his amazing performance as Gunnar in the movie Outlander and there are countless others. There is one performance however, that Perlman will always be loved for and remembered for. If they ever reboot the franchise and recast the character, it would not be the same.



What could this be you are thinking? Oh I know some of you already know. It is quite simple. His  take on Hellboy was simply fantastic. The way he melded the comedy, the action, the drama and once again, the way he could emote through the make up was something else. I admit that I did not know much about the character or the comic book, but Ron Perlman made me a Hellboy fan.

Actors like of this stature and talent comes around once in a lifetime. Is he one of the best known actors of his generation? Probably not. Should he be? Most definitely he should.


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