NHL vs NHLPA: My suggestion to end the lock out


I do not know how most hockey fans feel about the current mess that is the NHL lock out this season, but I can tell you how I feel. I am freaking pissed off. I have sat and watched for over 80 days as billionaire owners are fighting with millionaire players over money. I know after reading that sentence, people will say “It is not all about money.”

Do you seriously believe that? All I have heard about is the length of contracts, the proper amount for the “make whole” situation, how much the players have lost since the lock out, how much the owners have lost since the lock out, rolling back the current contracts…need I go on?

It IS all about money people, let’s not fool ourselves.

Each side is playing the other side off as the evil side in a battle of good vs evil, and well, I am tired of it all. I blame both sides equally. I blame Bettman, Daly and both Fehr brothers. I blame the owners and I blame the players and most of all I blame myself. For I know once the lock out is over, I will once again be watching.

It did seem that the most progress that was made was when the NHL allowed 6 owners, and the NHLPA allowed 18 players, to sit down and try to work through some of the issues. It went so well the first day, that the NHL and NHLPA stood side by side to address the media. There was so much hope and enthusiasm but like everything else in this process, it went downhill.

So Bettman/Daly and the Fehr brothers have failed, the owners and players have failed, what’s my solution? I say take the decision completely out of the hands of both parties and give it to the ones who finance both groups. That’s right people, give it to the fans to decide.

I propose taking a fan from each market in the NHL. That way each team and it’s players are represented and swear them in like you would a jury. Have both sides present both of their statistics, figures, concerns and their ideal fix. Have the jury of fans look at all the facts, statistics and testimony by both sides and have them work out a fair deal to both sides.

I bet both sides would be scared to death to give all that power to the fans but why shouldn’t the fans be involved? They are the ones buying the tickets, the merchandise and all the concessions at the games. They are the ones who are hurting the most by the lack of hockey and they are the ones who are used like a rope in the tug of war between both sides.

I say let the fans decide the fate of the CBA, I guarantee there would not be another labor issue in the future if you do.


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