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After the announcement that I made about my writing for From The Point and Steel City Music, I thought I should just write a “rant” about how it will impact this blog. I really wanted to add this to the end of the announcement but was so excited about sharing the news, that I totally forgot to add it.

I have not discussed the expectations for what I will be contributing to both sites with Brian Metzer yet, but this blog will still be active and I will be posting regularly. I have decided to end the pod cast aspect of this endeavor for now by putting it on hiatus, simply because I have found it to be something I do not have the time to maintain. Between working a full time job, being a full time single parent to a 9 year old, maintaining this blog and now the chance to write for two amazing web sites….I felt it was the right decision.

I am not saying I will never do a pod cast again, as I know I will, but I want to channel my creative focus into my Random Rants blog, From The Point and Steel City Music. I love writing and even though the Pod Cast is fun, writing is where my heart is. I want to take this fantastic opportunity to improve my writing, flesh out my style more and maybe, just maybe get my name out there.

I hope you all decide to tag along for the ride, as the best is yet to come for this blog and my other projects.


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