The Sun Set On An Era…..


I have had much internal debate as to when I wanted to address the closure of the super hero MMO City Of Heroes and my thoughts on the matter. I have been a player of the best online super hero game since a month after launch over 8 years ago and it was a shock when I read back in August that the game’s publisher, NCSoft, had decided to fire the developer team and sun set the game on November 30.

Why should I be so upset about the loss of City Of Heroes? Well, when I am passionate about something I dive in fully, head first. City Of Heroes was one of those examples, as I own the normal the COH retail edition, the COH Collector’s edition, the COV retail edition, the COV Collector’s edition, the Walmart exclusive COH- Good vs Evil edition, the retail version of COH- Good vs Evil edition, the COH Architect edition and COH-Going Rogue. I have all the comic books that were created for the launch of the game and that initially focused on unknown heroes and then later was relaunched to focus on the central lore characters.

Why should I be upset that as a HUGE comic book junkie, I was searching for many years for a computer game that would allow me to create my own characters that I had stored in my head since I was a child? The chance to see all these characters on a computer screen, instead of in my head, was surreal. I still remember the first time I exited the tutorial and stepped into Atlas Park for the first time. I was blown away. To see the other players all running about and chatting with each other was my first real step into the MMO world.

Why should I be upset that a character that I created named The Fallen Angel, who I was constantly working on for over 8 years, could no longer see his story evolve. You see, I have written almost 100 pages about the character and used the game as the vessel that the story can play out in front of me. Angel was/is a character that came to symbolize what City Of Heroes means to me. I do not know how many hours I sunk into the character, but I do know I always went back to him and enjoyed playing him.

Why should I be upset that there are people I established relationships with in the game, that I will never be able to contact again? You may think, well, all you have to do is add them on Facebook or give them your email address? This is what I have done usually but there are players I have not seen in years, as I could not catch them when I was in game. We had different hours to play but we did keep in touch by shooting a private message to each other here and there, waiting to be read until that person came online. I did not have the chance to get the reply from some people, thank you for that NCSoft.

Why should I be upset that the best team of developers had their “baby” ripped from there arms and thrown out with the proverbial bath water? The men and women at Paragon Studios were the most accessible and interactive team of people I have ever had the pleasure to interact with. They loved COH and really knew that the player community were the “engine” of this locomotive.

Why should I be upset that the game provided me so many great memories but will no longer be around to create new ones? I will never forget the first time I took to the air and flew at level 14 in Steel Canyon. Or the time that I joined my first, and best, supergroup X-Syndicate. Or the time that a player named Hackion took an hour of his time and helped me understand what a devastating character my energy/energy blaster is by teaching me how to use my powers. Or the time when there was a double XP weekend and my brother and I logged in at 5am and found a friend named Failsight just starting to log out. All three of us decided to stay awake and run all day and I do not think I ever laughed so hard while playing the game. Or the time that The Fallen Angel stepped foot in Grandville for the Statesman Task Force. When he was fighting the signature villains, I was smiling wide as I knew THIS is what he was meant to do.

Why should I be upset that an avenue of entertainment and a game I love was taken away for no reason? It was still very profitable and the development team had updates planned for the foreseeable future. NCSoft needed to streamline, in their opinion, the games in the line up and focus on Guild Wars 2 and Blade & Soul. They still, for now, support Aion, Lineage II and Wildstar but for how long? NCSoft has a track record of easily tossing aside games on a whim i.e. Auto Assault, Tabla Rasa and Dungeon Runners come to mind and I bought all three of these games. So this is the 4th game I have lost because of NCSoft but this is the last time they will have the opportunity.



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One Response to The Sun Set On An Era…..

  1. David Dewson aka Professor Radburn says:

    I agree with everything you have written here,in my case CoH is the only mmo I have ever played,but because my wife played as well I bought 2 copies of CoH and also CoV,over the 6.5 years I played I racked up about 14,000 hours and spent £1,600.The way they closed it has left a sour taste,why could they have not release I24 then put it in maintenance mode as some other games have done.
    This game was unique and at this moment in time I doubt if I will ever find anything to replace it,not only will I not buy anymore NCSoft titles I very much doubt I will pay for another game unless someone brings out something so like CoH.Titan are working on something so will keep an eye on that from what I have read so far about it it look like it will be very close to a CoH type game .

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