My Announcement…..

The past few days I have been teasing a huge announcement but I did not want to elaborate until I had the details solidified. It is a tremendous opportunity and one I am undertaking with great excitement and pride. Are you still curious??? Should I spill the beans now??? How about now???

Today I am announcing that I have been offered the chance to write for the Pittsburgh Penguin news site From The Point. The web site was created by Brian Metzer and is not just limited to the Penguins however, as it does contains stories and articles about the NHL in general. Brian contacted me and inquired if I would be interested and I jumped at the chance. You see, Brian is someone I have gotten to know and has become a mentor to me. Someone whose work I enjoy reading quite a bit and also, he sets the bar for what I want to achieve. He has the opportunity to cover the Penguins and of course they are my favorite team, this is a dream opportunity to me. Being able to work with Brian, collaborate with him and have him push me is a fantastic opportunity.

There is a second part to this announcement as well. Brian is also offering me a chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting project. Once again, it is about a topic that I am extremely passionate about. Brian is also looking to get his often relegated to the back burner web site, Steel City Music, off the ground. Steel City Music will be a place for lovers of music to go to read album reviews, articles and maybe even the odd interview. Brian and I both have a very similar taste in music and are passionate about the bands that we do like. The site will also allow us to share some music by bands that many may not have heard of, such as Obituary and Nightwish. Although we promote our musical tastes on Facebook and I rant off on here, it gives us a central location to pool our ideas for other music lovers as well.

I can not thank Brian enough for these two opportunities to not just contribute to two amazing projects but also to help push me to the next level of my writing career. I never ever thought I would have the chance to work with Brian and it is a dream come true!!

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