My First Foray Into Creative Writing

What many people may not know about me, is that I had my first taste of creative writing when I used to be a dedicated E-Fed Wrestler. What is an E-Fed Wrestler you ask? Well, it is an online wrestling federation that is run by an owner who either writes out matches himself or has a computer program generate the results for them. There is usually a message board or forum for the wrestlers to go “cut promos” on their prospective opponents.

Way back in the early 2000’s, I was an avid E-fed Wrestler who had the opportunity to come up with a character that I still make in every new WWE wrestling game each year. His name is Nightmare “The Fallen Angel” and he was always one of the most unique and “out there” creations I have ever come up with. The tag name of “The Fallen Angel” was give to me by an owner of an E-Fed as he said I was damnation to anyone who faced me.

I remember back when I broke into the E-Fed world, the very first group I joined was called “Oh Hell Yeah” Wrestling. It was a rather basic and simple set up and I was able to win the OHY 6 Man Tag Team Championship and their Hardcore Championship at the same time. I moved on to the “Simulated Wrestling Federation” and won the SWF Internet Championship. I gave up the title for a chance to win the SWF World Championship, which I did after months of chasing the champion. I also took part in the “Canadian Wrestling League” and won the CWL Television Championship. I then moved to the “Canadian Wrestling Association” and won the CWA Canadian Championship.

I was scouted by a group known as “World Wide Web Championship Wrestling” during a time I was active in another fed. Two brothers ran the entire promotion and brought me in when I was still CWA Canadian Champion. They contacted me and noticed the CWA was struggling to stay active and offered me a chance to be as creative as I wanted to be. They would read the interactions by the various wrestlers and write out each match move for move.

My character was one of the most sought after opponents as Nightmare was extremely “out there.” I based his look on “The Crow” by James O’Barr. His old bio can still be found here and if you look around the website, you can see that he was actually on the cusp on winning the 3WCW World Championship from Gravedigger. One of the owners contacted me and told me that the person roleplaying as Digger was not as active or creative as he was before and they wanted to make a change and if I stepped up to the plate, it was mine to lose.

Nightmare was a simple but extremely complex character. I wrote the way he spoke in a more direct manner. His promos would usually start in a darkened room, where he would be found sitting in a corner and rocking back and forth. He would carve the names of his past victims on his skin with a small shard of glass and would always mention how is was a part of the darkness and would help usher us all into it’s new era. He wore face paint and always used dark theatrics to punctuate what he was saying.

I would tailor my promos to the strengths of those I was head to head with, so that we could bring out the best of each other. One example of this is when I was feuding with a wrestler named Lee Blades. He had not really thought out a back story for his character and was having issue establishing a good footing in his promos. So I had Nightmare cut a promo on him bringing up his past in Japan, which he never stated he actually had, and all the tenacious battles he had in death matches there. Lee took the ball I presented and ran with it, not only establishing his back story but also building a great platform for our feud that ended in a scaffold match.

Although it may not be the most auspicious start to my love of writing, it was a way to build my confidence and really make me think outside the box as I had to adapt my writing style and the story I was trying to tell by whatever the person I was feuding with had contributed as well. I will always look back fondly at my brief time in the E-Feds, as it is what more or less lead me to this blog.


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